A Brief Explanation of Why Music Still Matters (and Why I’m Still Sane)

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on my very first blog. From this point forward, I’m essentially a toddler. I’m going to try and learn to walk and talk on this new space for myself on the internet. For this blog to be successful and fully developed, things are going to take time, and often the most important things take A LOT of time. But now that that is out of the way, I welcome you all with open arms to 1001 Songs You Should Have on Your Ipod (and Why). Thanks for stopping by. Go on, kick your shoes off, take a seat. I think I still have some leftover lemonade in the fridge…

So, music. We know what it is. It’s made by us. It’s a part of us. It is us. From the time cavemen picked up a stick and made noise with it, we’ve never been the same. Fast forward past all the years of refining and complication and simplification and remixing and we arrive at today’s modern age of music. You can look at decades, genres, and trends all you want, but the universal messages and feelings we receive from music are still the same as they’ve always been. You know what I mean. You turn the radio on, immediately hear the beginning of a song you love, and you get that excited, electric feeling. Or when you hit an amazing chorus in another song that gives you chills. Or when you hear the most beautiful lyrics you’ve ever heard, and you actually start to tear up because it’s exactly how YOU feel in this moment. That’s the beautiful part of music. It’s the human connection. Sure, technicality and ability and melody are great things, but there’s more to it than that. It’s when you go home, slam your door, throw your stereo up as loud as it can go, and listen to your “sad songs” playlist whilst wiping back tears, that brings out the beauty of the music. It’s belting out lyrics on the radio as loud as you can with your friends on hot summer nights with the windows down as the warm wind seems to pull the music through you, and you think that this day couldn’t get any better. It’s us, the listener. Through our emotions and experiences we give music it’s beauty. And that is beautiful.

I could go on to talk about how much I love music and how it’s amazing and all that. And it’s not that it’s not true, it is. Music is one of the biggest parts of my life. It keeps me sane each and every day. It allows me a release. Without music, I really don’t know how much of a different person I would be. I know that sounds cliche, and it is, but I feel that that statement is true for a lot of you out there. This blog is about you, and what you get out of it. The only thing I will say about me personally is that for as long as I loved music, I loved to share it, and this is a perfect way to share what I love with you, and hopefully, for you to share what you love with me.

Now to get to the nuts and bolts. 1001 songs is exactly what it sounds like. I’m going to do reviews of 1001 songs that I have found meaning and beauty in. But I’m not going to just say, “Hey check this song out. It rocks, yo.” No, I’m going to tell you why that song deserves to have a coveted spot on your Ipod. Because let’s face it, music is expensive now, whether we like it or not. (Remember kids, don’t steal…) My goal is for you to NOT love every song I review, but to maybe listen and say “I see where he’s coming from” or “Y’know, I have a friend who would love this song, but it’s not for me.” The main focus is for you to listen, and even if you find just just one song you like and put it on your Ipod (or whatever mp3 device you may use), then my job will have been done.

Now the next question people will ask is, why songs and not album reviews? Well, it’s a simple answer. If you ask a lot of people, especially younger kids, about what their favorite band is, they’ll answer “Oh I don’t know bands, I just know songs I like.” After I was told this by many people, it hit me. The generation we live in now, and more so the upcoming generation thinks in this way. We think in bite sized chunks, not whole pieces. So why shouldn’t music reviews be the same way? I do listen to albums, but 99 percent of the time I jump from artist to artist, song to song. This is how this blog will be structured. Every week, I’ll try to review ten songs from different artists, including one new track for the week that I enjoy. It’ll keep things fresh and interesting, but this brings me to my next point. Everyone, get your torches and Pitchforks ready…

Yes, this blog will deal primarily with rock and pop songs. All in all, as much as I’d like to change it, I’m a human being, with human tastes. I just never grew into liking certain things, like everyone else out there. Some of those things are: Country, and…Country. But that’s it. Oh, and also extremely heavy, and I mean HEAVY death metal (even I have limits, guys). However, you can also expect some rap tracks, folk tracks and some dance/edm reviews, too. Again, I’m only human, and like everyone I’ve developed certain tastes, and I’m not here to criticize anyone’s music that they enjoy. But this should by no means discourage you from visiting. The goal here is to maybe find something new that you never thought you would like

The reviews on this blog will be songs I myself enjoy. These are what I listen to, and what I have resonated with. You will probably notice that you will see the same artist a couple weeks later with a different song, because I enjoy (GASP) multiple songs by the same artist. This is completely normal notion to have, don’t worry.You will also probably notice that you also may have heard of a lot of these songs before.  Maybe I’m not “indie” enough, but I’ve noticed that a lot of review sites online have trended towards long winded, complexly (and often outrageously) worded reviews about music that seems to fall under the…deep breath… softcollegerockwithalittleweirdelectronicsoundthingbutalsosoftvocalsbacktorootsfolkwithamo-derntwistandnamethathastodowithanimals category. But again, I’m not here to knock anyone’s experiences with music. If that’s what you love, I’m beyond happy for you and you should continue to listen, and screw what everyone else says, including me. I’m not trying to limit my experiences but I have to present the music I know, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s what I know. However, in the future, once I figure out how this blog works, I’d like to introduce a feature where you guys send me your top three songs. Anything. Seriously, send me your favorite three, no matter how weird. I’ll give them a listen and then pick the best one to add to that week’s reviews. I’m constantly discovering new songs I enjoy, so this will be your way to open me up to what YOU love. Cool? Cool.

So let’s wrap this up huh, I don’t blame you for falling asleep through that whole long spiel. Maybe it wasn’t that brief after all, hm? By the way, for posts I’ll be sure to give information with every song: Album, year, artist of course, and also provide a picture of the album and a link to the song. Maybe along the way I’ll also post other musings on other things besides music, but time will tell.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for visiting my blog, and thank you for giving music it’s beauty. Without you, there is no blog, there is no review, and there is no music. I promise that here, there’s no long winded reviews, and no bullshit. I’ll keep it simple and say it as if I was talking to you face to face. And I hope that once the ball gets rolling, you’ll find a little treasure along the way. Thanks guys. Here’s to us.

– Kris Kielich (merrymuzak)


4 thoughts on “A Brief Explanation of Why Music Still Matters (and Why I’m Still Sane)

  1. Kris, I think this is a great idea! Your input on these songs is very thorough and you do a great job critiquing the songs and giving a great description. Nice job and keep up the great work!!!

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