#2 – Last


Artist – Nine Inch Nails
Album – Broken
Year – 1992
Genre – Industrial Rock/Metal

I’ll say this. When you listen to this track, you’ll either want to air guitar, or break something. Also, Cabin in the Woods anyone? Ok.

First off, what a riff. That’s the first thing you’ll notice about this hard hitting song by Nine Inch Nails. The guitar comes in immediately with a big ol’ crunchy riff that gives you goosebumps. This repeats throughout the song, which sets a driving, almost marching pace for this song. The beat itself is simple enough, but the track changes tempo for the pre-chorus and chorus, the one where Trent Reznor yells “This isn’t meant to last!” This keeps the track interesting. The standout of this song besides the slinky, dirty guitar work and industrial synths rockin’ out in the background are Reznor’s vocals. One thing about Mr. Reznor is that when he sings, or rather angrily yells these lryics, you absolutely believe him. He is very good at writing about the human struggle within ourselves at our lowest, and he sings it with conviction unmatched in the genre, or even in the industry. It’s songs like these that go where a lot of other songs are afraid to; into the filth of hitting an emotional bottom. All in all, the guitar work, brutally honest and dark lyrics, and great bass and synth layering make this a standout song in the genre, and one that you cannot afford to miss!


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