#4 – Where the Lines Overlap


Artist – Paramore
Album – Brand New Eyes
Year – 2008
Genre – Pop-Punk/Rock

Paramore has always been a standout band in the Pop Punk scene, and this track will show you exactly why. First of all, Hayley Williams is, I think, one of the most talented female singers in music today. Her voice hits you like a ton of bricks; it’s powerful and full of expression. The track begins with an actually pretty unique guitar pattern that repeats throughout the song. The rest of the instrumentation here is very good for the genre, but let’s not beat around the bush here. The absolute standout quality of this track is Williams. Her song lyrics are sassy and confident, and this song is NOT the only exception. (Sorry, bad Paramore joke). Anyway, this song has a a KILLER chorus. As soon as the beat comes in for the chorus, you just want to rock out, pick up your hairbrush, and sing along! It’s full of punch, and it really gets in your face and in your head, in a good a way! The way she sings the last line “No one is as lucky as us,” you will get chills, friends. CHILLS at how well she sings that line! The track finishes strong as well with an emotive bridge and a powerful last chorus into the instrumental homestretch and finish. The summarize this track, I will say this: it’s a song that has great heart and oomph to it that really gets you going and in the mood to have fun. It’s a track you can listen to repeatedly and really never get tired of the way it’s sung.

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