#5 – Mammoth


Artist – The Devil Wears Prada
Album – Dead Throne
Year – 2011
Genre – Hardcore

If you dig hardcore music or metal in general, the first words out of your mouth while listening to this song should be, “Yeah. That’s heavy.”

And it is, friends. The absolutely pulverizing guitar in this track is about as heavy as hardcore can get without crossing into the “Cannibal Corpse” realm, but we won’t go there. As far as the music goes, the verses are fast paced, and extremely well done technically. The subtle interplay between guitars here is great, but the vocals by Mike Hranica on the screams and Jeremy DePoyster on the cleans are packed with emotion. The heaviness of the song not only comes from the riffs, but the content of the lyrics. The song deals with inner loneliness and turmoil both in the outside world and within oneself. It’s emotional stuff, and Hranica screams it out like he needs to cleanse himself of sadness. When the chorus hits, the music actually becomes beautiful in its construction, despite the heaviness. The chords put out by the guitars seem to mirror the anguish of the wonderful clean vocals, which are pleading and frankly very moving as they deal with thoughts during our darkest times. I loved the way it unfolded, and it certainly wasn’t the way I was expecting.

The song continues on this path until it finishes, with a verse chorus, verse chorus until the end, but that’s not what makes this song special. Rarely do you see such a display of emotion in the lyrics of a hardcore song. The Devil Wears Prada is excellent at taking these emotions and putting them in a genre that is often known for it’s violent lyrics, and I respect them very much for that. Yes they are Christian, and yes the song mentions God, but with such a display of honesty and very well crafted music, it shouldn’t matter. If you’re looking for a great metal track full of emotion, honesty, wonderful craftsmanship, and integrity, look no further than Mammoth.

P.S. The video for this song is wonderfully made. It’s actually very resonant with the song, so check it out!


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