#6 – Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)


Artist – BT
Album – Emotional Technology
Year – 2003
Genre – Trance/Electro

We live in a time where dance music has pushed it’s way from the underground into the mainstream. That being said, before this trend, there were some pretty killer dance tracks being made by the EDM community back in the early 2000’s, and this is one of them. This song was formed during the early years of trance and electro music, and creates a fusion of both genres.

BT, or Brian Transeau is a very well respected DJ/Producer from the U.S., and he’s worked with the likes of other great musicians like Peter Gabriel. He’s definitely not a one trick pony, and as soon as you start this song, the infectious glitch beats will grab you. The music here is creative stuff the likes of which we rarely see today. The beat pulsates and constantly changes rhythm. The vocals in this track stutter and waver constantly, which is a really awesome effect and it makes the song very unique. The wonderful thing about this song besides the intensely frenetic vibe you’ll get are the lyrics. Usually trance songs have pretty simplistic lyrics, but this song actually dives deeper with BT providing his own deeply soulful voice to lyrics that touch at the heart of all human need. “Simply being loved is more than enough…i’m praying for love.” Those are words that ring true with my own inner being, and are definitely not the “let’s go out and party” lyrics of a lot of today’s dance tracks. Not that those are bad or anything…

The overlaying lines of melody and effects on BT’s voice create wonderful harmonic patterns throughout the song that just work. The right chords are made and the beat feels perfect. It that perfect song for you to roll the windows down on a hot summer night and blast while the warm wind hits your face. Wow, that was some intense imagery, but I guarantee if you’re into exploring a little deeper into the past of the pop dance songs of today, you’ll find that this song is a gem. It’s perfect for those kinds moments where you need to let go. If that doesn’t grab you, here’s a fun fact: this song holds the Guinness World Record for the most number of vocal edits in a song with 6,178. Boom.

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