#7 – Under the Stars


Artist – Morning Parade
Album – Morning Parade
Year – 2012
Genre – Alternative

I was fortunate enough to see this very talented group open for Anberlin in Buffalo. They put on a great show and really crafted their songs well. The band itself, and this song in particular have garnered a lot of praise from the likes of BBC, MTV, and AbsolutePunk. It’s even been featured on “Vampire Diaries”. Now can you get any better than that? Alright, let’s get into it.

I flat out love this song. It starts with a hauntingly atmospheric synth drone that will seriously grab you from the first seconds. Then the beautiful guitar work is delicately laid over the top and actually sounds like twinkling stars, which is very fitting. As for vocals, Steve Sparrow has a absolutely breathtaking voice. It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It’s powerful, but sensitive and, well…ethereal (people who know me know how much I hate to use that word!) It’s something best experienced for yourself.

The song is a constant build up, and when you hear the guitar riff at about a quarter way through, you’re going to bob your head, or tap your foot, or do SOMETHING with your body. Don’t fight it, it’s what’s meant to happen. Then the song really picks it up and Sparrow gets even more emotional and powerful in his delivery. Then, harmony comes in. The backing harmonies for this song are great. They’re just wonderful, and at about halfway through the track, all the pieces seem to be in place and the song feels vindicated already. When I heard it, I thought, “Alright, how can this get better.” Then you hear the breakdown.

Oh my. The harmonies soar, and your heart will go all aflutter at just how damn GOOD the song comes together. The synthesizer adds a pulsing, glittery beat behind the vocals and the drums begin to hold nothing back. You’re feeling great, you’re feeling fantastic! But alas, the song couldn’t last forever, and eventually the song tapers off towards the very end and then abruptly stops, leading into the next track on the album.

This is a song that should really be experienced on an individual level. I can only describe how I felt about it, but this is a song that will have a personal meaning different for everyone who hears it. Maybe it’s a sad song, maybe a happy song. The interpretation is up to you, but the music is undeniable. So take a listen, and you have my guarantee that you won’t be let down.


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