#11 – Angel


Artist – Depeche Mode
Album – Delta Machine
Year – 2013
Genre – Alternative/ Dark Synthpop

Depeche Mode’s Angel, from their new album Delta Machine, is another song with a bit of pop culture tied to it. It’s featured as the ending credits song for the new fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Let me tell you this: they could not have picked a better song to end the game with. The game is awesome, by the way. Comic book fan or not, you should totally check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGRcblXDaJw
That said, it’s review time.

This song is sexy, no bones about it. It’s dark, brooding, and sensual. The opening ultra-deep, throbbing bassline immediately puts you in the mood (if you know what I mean…) Dave Gahan then immediately starts with his vocals that I can only describe by saying that he sings as if he’s right in the middle of, shall we say, a VERY intimate experience. He sings off kilter, and seems to slur and accent his words in various ways which accentuates the pulsating rhythm of the song. The vocals really add so much here. It really gives the song that extra oomph that drives home that erotic feel. He almost teases and pulls back, singing melodic bridges between verses, before he finally gives it all he’s got for the final quarter, where he moans “The angel of love was upon me, and Lord I felt so high! I swear I could have reached up, and put my hands upon the sky!”

The musical patterns of the song get better and better as the song progresses. The synth absolutely pounds, and it gets more and more intense, especially when the song picks up the tempo about half way in. The guitar is sparse, but the repeated riff that is played occasionally is just right, adding that needed bit of extra texture. Going back to the tempo change at the last half, the song really starts to rip here. You’re just going to want to gyrate your hips to this one. I can see this song being played in a smoky nightclub, and it would definitely get the crowd dancing. The song ends with Gahan’s melodic bridge being repeated to the end; with a smooth finish to close out a song that pulses and surges like a heartbeat.

Angel is a dark, sexy song that has an incredible bassline beat and is totally great for both those intimate moments, and also for totally just dancing your heart out. I would say consider playing this in the bedroom to spice things up, but don’t be afraid to play it at a rocking house party. Either way , it’s sure to get you going. Simple as that.

So what do you guys think of Angel? As always leave your comments below, and I’m curious to hear your responses. Thanks again!

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