#13 – Outrage


Artist – Capital Lights
Album – This is an Outrage!
Year – 2008
Genre – Pop-Punk

For those of you who have never heard of Capital Lights, you are in for a huge treat today. And for fans of pop-punk, prepare to meet your new favorite band. They are honestly one of the most refreshing and talented groups I have ever stumbled upon. Their music is catchy as HELL and their lyrics are the most clever and well crafted lyrics I’ve heard since early Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. Unfortunately they’ve only made two albums, and sadly don’t have any plans for more, but if you take the time to look these guys up, those two albums will be on repeat in your car for the next six months. Trust me, I know.

Outrage defines it’s sound right away with a poppy synth line, and then the song just explodes. When you listen, you can tell these guys are just rocking out with all they have. The drums pound, and the guitar is just perfect. The music isn’t complicated, but every single piece of this song from start to finish is amazingly catchy and sing-alongable (if that’s a word). Frontman Bryson Phillips’ voice is incredibly clean, and he can sing in a way that makes every note simply shine. The verses are very clever and well sung, with lyrics like, “You finally fit into my shoes, I’m never dressed for the occasional invasion of surprises.” That’s the kind of wit and humor you’ll find throughout the entire track. The harmonies in the verse are very pleasing as well. After the verse, there’s a wonderful build up of tension with a pre-chorus that you know is going to go into a blistering chorus. Does it ever.

The chorus is going to get you. It’s going to snag you from the first note. I literally cannot describe how good this chorus is. The chord progression and sung notes just perfectly work. They have that great build up and resolution that makes it so pleasing to listen to. There’s so much power behind the music, it just hits you like a ton of bricks. The band plays full force and Phillips just lets it go with his singing. The harmonies just take it to another level of awesome here too.

After the chorus, there’s a great bridge where the band gets to flex it’s musical and creative muscles by picking up the pace. Phillips again sings extremely well and fires off notes in rapid succession. Then it goes into the next verse, which is done acapella and it fits so well. The normal chorus drum beat changes to hits on every beat, which makes the ending more frenetic and harder hitting. Then on the last chorus Phillips sings the lines higher and the band closes out with the gang vocal line “THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!” It’s great, great stuff.

This song has everything you’re looking for in a great summer song, or really an anytime song. I can only summarize it exactly the way I did before: extremely clever, insanely catchy, and great, rocking instrumentals. You can tell the band had fun making this song, and the whole album if you give it a listen (I’ll probably post more from them in the future, too.) This is literally the perfect pop-punk track, and if you give it the chance, it may end up being your favorite song.

As always, let me know what you thought in the comments below. Is this band as fantastic as I say they are? Am I delusional? Let me know below! Thanks again!


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