#14 – Lightning Crashes


Artist – Live
Album – Throwing Copper
Year – 1994
Genre – Post Grunge/Alternative

Once in a while, a song comes along that really touches you. It makes you think about ideas or points of view that we don’t usually think about. Lightning Crashes is one of those songs. It approaches the concepts of life and death in ways not many songs do.

The song begins with a very soft guitar riff, which continues for the duration of the verses. It’s definitely a somber opening, as singer Ed Kowalczyk whispers the first two verses in hushed tones. In the first verse, he speaks of a young mother giving birth to her child, which is an obviously joyous moment. However, the second verse deals with the opposite side, as an old woman dies, and passes her life onto the newborn child. It’s all very moving and also beautiful to hear lyrics like this. The pace of the guitar is slow, giving you a chance to really focus on Kowalczyk’s words. The chorus comes next, and it’s gorgeous. Kowalczyk’s voice is emotive and powerful, and you can hear every waver and imperfection, but somehow it’s more real because of them. You can tell he means every note and word that he sings. The words in the chorus really connect the principles he’s trying to get across, in the sense that we’re all tied to the earth and that we constantly give our lives to the future: “Forces pulling from the center of the Earth again.”

As the song continues, Kowalczyk only gets more powerful with his voice, and begins really singing with all his conviction. The guitars and now drums pick up the tempo and make the song less somber and actually more joyful in a way. The mood still feels a bit dark, but there’s a glimmer of light at the end, and that’s what this song is about. The chords and drums pick up and the song really gets moving. The song finishes with the chorus being repeated again, and eventually it ends as it began with soft guitar chords. it brings the song full circle, like life and death.

The focus of the song is really Kowalczyk’s singing. He really puts all his feelings into his voice and his songwriting is really something else. It takes guts to write a song like this, and especially to count on it to be successful. It’s a song that has heart, emotion, and a message to think about. As always, leave your thoughts on the song or review below. Thank you

2 thoughts on “#14 – Lightning Crashes

  1. I really like this song alot! Absolutely love the lyrics, and singer really has a way of bringing emotion to the words, as you talked about in your discussion. Overall, really great song, and I plan on listening to more songs by this band very soon!

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