#17 – Daylight


Artist – Maroon 5
Album – Overexposed
Year – 2012
Genre – Pop-Rock

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been quite a hectic week, but now I’m back at it! Let’s start things back up with Maroon 5’s pop hit, Daylight.

Do you ever hear a song that’s so catchy, and yet so simple, that you think “I could have written that!” Daylight is just such a song. However, catchiness is not the only factor that makes this song as good as it is. Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5 and The Voice judge extraordinaire, remains one of the greatest vocalists in modern pop rock. His range is absolutely incredible, and he has the ability to really push emotions across that aren’t found in a lot of pop tracks on the radio today.

Daylight starts off simple enough with some repeated jazzy guitar chords typical of Maroon 5, and also with Levine starting right away. He’s in top form already, and it’s only a short while before he leads right into the chorus. This chorus is so simply constructed, and also somewhat repetitive. But you know what? It totally does what it sets out to do. It works for all the right reasons. The notes are pitch perfect, and are just in the right order to give you shivers from how well they fit with one another. Levine’s voice is expressive and extremely powerful, which is so important to keep the song fresh and interesting. His singing is intense, and the “woah-ing” is insanely addictive and fun to sing along to. The music here is also rich and sweet. The beat is simple enough to keep the song in line, but the background pop synths add that texture with that oh so catchy progression. It builds up in the prechorus, and explodes into sugary goodness in the chorus.

The song keeps the same formula for the rest of the song. There is an unremarkable bridge section, but the last chorus is awesome! Levine sings high right off the bat, and the resounding “YEAH” vocals mixed in with the instruments was a great choice for a song like this one.

I have to talk about the lyrics now. They may seem at first glance to be like many other pop songs, where the guy has to leave a girl he’s sleeping with because it’s wrong or something. But in reality, the beauty of this song is that I feel that Levine is saying that when you have someone you love in your life, you really need to capture every moment with them, because it might end someday. You need to drink in their beauty and everything you love about them. Have fun with them, be affectionate, show them that you are pieces of one another, tied in this moment. Some may think this a stretch and say, “Mmm…no. It’s just a pop song with shallow lryics.” But you have to look deeper sometimes. However, I am not saying by any means that this is not a fun song. It’s one of the most enjoyable, singable, fun songs I have heard in recent memory.

Daylight is a song where there is more that meets the eye. This a track that was meant for you to have fun with and sing with, but also a song that carries some deep meaning about love and cherishing time. However you want to interpret it, Daylight is a must have.

What do you all think? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “#17 – Daylight

  1. This song always brings me right back to the summer after graduating high school. Adult by law, the entire world at my feet. Yet I was stuck home, just counting down the days until I got to leave for college and begin the next huge chapter in my life. This song reminds me of the mid-August heat and the final days of late sunsets. This song reminds me of being completely unprepared for whatever happened in the upcoming months, and just holding onto the last pieces of childhood that I was leaving behind. But I knew that I had to leave, that I couldn’t stay forever, and that, above all, I wanted to see what was out there. I was excited about going to a new place and meeting new people, as equally terrifying a prospect as that may be. Ultimately, this song reminds me of how much I have changed as a person since I last blasted this song in my kitchen at home. And I’d like to think that I have changed for the better. Anyway, this has become a monster-long comment, but what I basically wanted to say was I agreed with your discussion on the deepness of these lyrics, as well as Adam Levine’s voice bringing these words to life. I’m usually a fan of Maroon 5’s earlier songs, but I really enjoyed this song for its simplicity and its depth, and it is most certainly one of my all-time favorites. I’m really glad you chose this song!

    • Your comment gets right down to the heart of why I review songs the way I do. Songs stir emotions and memories that lie at the very heart of us, and I’m glad that it brought out some good emotions in you Mary. And don’t worry, there will probably be more Maroon 5 in the future 🙂

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