#20 – Love Is On Fire


Artist – ItaloBrothers
Album – Stamp!
Year – 2010
Genre – Eurodance/Italodisco

Do you love to dance? Do you love to have fun? Because the Europeans love to! America puts out a lot of great dance pop tracks every year, but there is a HUGE market of incredibly fun and catchy dance music being cranked out by Europe as well. It’s such a shame that the majority of it goes overlooked, and the ones that do make it to the USA have to change their style to fit the American mentality. We dance a bit differently over here than they do there. However, everyone who loves dancing and pop music in any form needs to check out the ItaloBrothers. They are one of the most consistently excellent dance groups in Europe, and have a wonderful selection of songs that are as catchy and fun as any American pop track. Love Is On Fire is perhaps my favorite from their catalog, and I believe if it catches on, it can appeal to not only those across the pond, but also here in the states!

The first thing that you’ll probably notice is singer Matthias Metten’s strong singing voice. Yes, I’m sure it’s digitally altered in some way, but that’s a commonplace facet of most modern pop music. It’s also in English, which is very appealing considering the group is German. The melody is sweet, and the music glittering and full. You can feel the good times coming right off the bat. The song’s beat kicks in, and this is where it differs from the pop songs we’re used to. It’s a fast beat, and it’s made to jump to. The song itself is actually made for Jumpstyle dancing, which is a popular dance in Europe (if you haven’t seen it, click here because it’s awesome)

The beat isn’t offputting, however. It’s fast enough to pump you up and really get you going, but not so fast that you don’t know how to dance to it. It’s in that just right area where you can dance how you want! The hook in this song is amazing. It’s well crafted with power, catchiness, and notes that just grab you and throw you right on the dancefloor.

The “drop” in this song is very good also. It’s got some great pulsing bass overlaid with the traditional Eurodance synth leads. It’s very bouncy and jumpy, and it puts you in a great mood and atmosphere. The stuttering vocals afterwards add a lot to the song as well.

I have to go back to Metten’s voice, because it’s just so nice to listen to. This isn’t just a great club song. It’s really a great pop song for anytime. He continues with his powerful singing into the next verse and the bass keeps on going. There’s a nice little fade-out, fade-in chorus which powers into the next, followed by another great drop to keep you dancing. The stuttering vocals repeat, and there’s one more chorus section.

With a strong finish, the song ends with a couple rounds of the catchy hook first without the bass, and the final one with the bass AND stuttering vocals, tying all the song’s elements together.

So, to recap: if you love to dance, have fun, or love any pop in general, listen to these guys. They have the talent to make it big in the U.S. if only they were more well known and respected. You guys can make that happen. This is a group very near and dear to my heart. If you listen to the track and you like it, check out their other stuff. It’s just as good, and just as danceable and fun. Tell your friends to check them out. Maybe together we can bring the ItaloBrothers fame in America!

What do you all think? Leave a comment below!

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