#22 – Something Better

Who We Are - EP 1

Artist – Flyleaf
Album – Who We Are – EP
Year – 2013
Genre – Modern Rock

I think I missed last week for reviewing a new track. Sorry about that everyone, I apologize. I’ll try to really keep up with it, so I’m starting up again with an awesome new track from the alternative/modern rock band Flyleaf. Seriously, this track is awesome. Fans of any kind of modern rock tracks will enjoy this one!

There was a recent lineup change for Flyleaf, where longtime singer Lacey Sturm left the band to start a new life with her husband. Many wondered if new singer Kristin May could fill the very big shoes Lacey left behind. Well, wonder no longer. She not only does the job, she excels at it.

Right from the beginning, the track blasts off with a huge, driving rock beat. Kristin May comes in strong with the hook, and it is catchy beyond all belief. The verse kicks in, and it’s certainly more subdued than the chorus, but the music keeps a good pace behind the singing, and then WHAM! The giant hook kicks your ass every time you hear it. It’s loud, it’s uplifting, it just makes you want to rock out. The drums are big here, and the guitar is really driving. You can tell the band was really upbeat and passionate when they recorded the song, as it certainly sounds like they’re having a lot of fun. The verse, chorus template repeats, but like I said, that hook hits you every time. You’re going to be singing along in no time flat.

Kristin’s voice is clear and full of conviction in every note. Seriously, the way she sings the chorus will make you go “wow”. The lines she sings in the bridge section of the song is crazy good too, and really gives her a chance to say “hey, I’m here now, I might as well rock the damn house”. The lyrics in the song too are uplifting and positive. They’re all about becoming a better person, whether that be finding your own way in life, or finding someone else to make you a better person. At the same time though, they speak of not losing the essence of who you are, which is so important to keep in perspective.

Also, as a bonus, Sonny Sandoval of the Nu-Metal/Hard Rock band P.O.D. sings some guest verses in this song. He is definitely more of a rap-singer than a straight singer, but he’s no slouch here either. He adds a powerful punch to the already hard hitting track, and his yells of “SOMETHING BETTER” over the hook really make you want to throw your fist in the air. His section in the bridge also is very well done.

The song ends with two great hooks, the first of which is nothing but vocals and drums, which really shows off the chops of arguably the two best parts of the song. One last chorus brings a close to this hard rocking anthem.

This is one to really let yourself go to; in the car, in your home, wherever you are. It’s catchy as hell, fun to listen to, and to top it off it has a great message. Flyleaf is back, and they still got it.

What do you all think? Let me know below!


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