#25 – Hemorrhage (In My Hands)


Artist – Fuel
Album – Something Like Human
Year – 2000
Genre – Post-Grunge

Though often the butt of many musical jokes, the post-grunge genre is a very important piece of the music collective, and it has many songs that are both fun and catchy to listen to, have wonderful lyrics, and passionate singing and musicianship. Fuel’s 2000 hit Hemorrhage is one of these songs, with gripping vocals, lyrics and music that will just absolutely rip you to shreds (in a good way of course). It’s a song that deals with vulnerability and a love returning after the damage is already done from a breakup. Some traumas can never truly be repaired, and this track shows an example of a band that has the guts to wrench their feelings into the open.

After a furious guitar opening, the song begins with some great, clean guitar arpeggios. It creates this somber mood from the get go, and then frontman Brett Scallions starts singing. He is absolutely feeling every note that he sings in the opening verse, which deals with the perspective of the guy after a former partner has come back to him. He’s already torn up, and as he asks “what did you expect to find,” you can hear the resentment and sorrow in Scallions voice. He’s a broken mess of a man, but the song only gets more intense from here.

The prechorus of this song is perhaps one of my favorite parts. The melody is full of sadness and regret, and the singing is passionate. The lyrics are great here, as the narrator remembers telling his partner not to leave him, as he begs her not to go and “leave me to myself.” There is a constant buildup of emotion here, as you feel it leading to some big release, and that comes in the form of the chorus.

If the song title or beginning of the song doesn’t sound familiar to you, then perhaps the chorus will. It’s an absolutely explosive chorus, with the whole band, especially Scallions, giving it all they have. The singing is powerful, and Scallions blows up like a powder keg. He’s holding nothing back here, folks. The music provides this great wall of guitar and strings over some heavy drums, and creates the exact feel the chorus needs. The notes are well constructed, and the vocal melody is full of gusto. The lyrics are what get me here. The notion of love bleeding in one’s hands like a wound is a very unique and beautiful way of describing how it feels to have your heart broken. Kudos to the lyricist of the band, Carl Bell for coming up with these lyrics.

The second verse and prechorus are sung agonizingly well by Scallions, whose delivery of “Hold me now I feel contagious” is shiver inducing. This is a great line, because I think we all feel at some point like no one wants to love us or hold us, almost like we’re contagious with disease. The arpeggios return again, but this time with strings and guitar over the top to give the verse more oomph and emotional depth. The drums here are simple, but provide a great backing beat. The verse finishes with another very clever line, as the girl sobs to the boy that her life is fake, like “dead actors faking lines.” It’s another very well written lyric, and kudos go to Mr. Bell again. When the next prechorus comes in, Scallions sings it even more passionately. So much so that you can hear the wavering in his voice as he pours it out. It seems like the song drains him, but this is a good thing for the listener, as the more emotion you can feel, the better the experience becomes.

The chorus tears it up again, and then the bridge comes. The melody here isn’t astounding, but the lyrics continue the heartbreak, as the guy remembers his girl walking away and remembering his heart being torn. The last prechorus is sung as well as the second, and the intensity is still there, even at the end. There’s one last chorus where the band finishes as they started; playing and singing their hearts out.

Hemorrhage is a song full of passion and power. The singing is emotive and very honest, and the music has just the right amount of force to rock, but just enough sensitivity to add that sense of melancholia. The melodies are all well constructed and catchy, and this is just a great song jam to. This is a song to belt out when you’re upset, or just to belt out whenever. It’s a great all-around song, and there’s no real heavy flaws here. If you love to rock with passion, or just love to rock, this is for you. Sing it like no one’s watching! I know you want to.

What do you all think? What did you get from the song? Let me know below!

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