#26 – There’s No Going Back


Artist – Sick Puppies
Album – Connect
Year – 2013
Genre – Modern Rock/Hard Rock

Arrgh! Sorry I’m late with this one again guys! I’m really trying get better I swear! Better late then never though, right? With that said, let’s take a look at the lead single from the Australian band Sick Puppies’ new album Connect.

In a complete turnaround from what I normally write the most about on this blog, the facet of this song that makes it worth putting on your Ipod is not the lyrics but the melody and production value of this song. The lyrics in this song are in the style of a personal ballad. They tell the story of frontman Shim Moore growing up and basically how troubled he was as a youth. The lyrics do touch on a very important note for all of us, and that’s treating every day as a new chance to be better, and not clinging to the past too much; hence “There’s No Going Back.”

Where this song shines brightly is the melody. It seems rather repetitious at first, but Moore’s voice is crystal clear and is extremely pleasing to listen to. You can tell he knows how to sing, and in this song it’s quite evident. For the initial verses, his singing is powerful, but the melody is, again, repetitious. Then the chorus hits.

Holy crap. Those opening two lines are just uplifting. They way they’re sung, the melody, everything. It’s a well constructed chorus all the way around. When Moore sings the word “trigger,” his voice echos and it just feels right, like it was supposed to be that way. He rings on every note, and hits them with gusto and bravado. He definitely means what he’s saying here. The very catchy melody in the chorus continues throughout, but this is a good thing, as you want to hear it again and again.

The verses repeat again, but this time he adds a little grit into the mix and kicks it up. There’s a great little yell on “You can’t regret what you don’t decide,” which gets you pumped. The second chorus is just as good as the first. The formula continues until you get to the bridge, which is a nice little OOH RAH kick off into the final chorus, where Moore lets it go. The song is pretty much over, but there’s one more thing that I need to talk about for this one.

The instrumentation is very powerful and polished throughout. The drums especially kill it on this one. They’re loud and thundering, and Emma Anzai is a kickass bass player too, so she nails it as well. The thing that shows here, more so than the musicianship, is the production value on this track. It literally makes this song ten times better. It’s super crisp and sharp, and it really brings out the sound of every instrument and adds this atmosphere of…well it’s hard to describe. If you listen, you get this feeling of just…BOOM. That’s really the best way I can tell you how I felt after listening. It gives the whole song a huge boost in dynamics and makes every part just hit you. And when it does, it hits hard. The musicians are talented, don’t get me wrong. But the producer on this track nailed it. It sounds so great for a three piece band, and you can tell they knew this song was going to be a hit going in. It is, by the way, a hit on rock radio.

So that’s what I have to say about There’s No Going Back. It’s a great modern rock track with a super powerful and catchy hook that makes the song. The production is fantastic, and the musicians are no pushovers either. Shim Moore is a fantastic vocalist as well. If you can appreciate a song for a great melody and great sound that rocks the house, than this track is for you.What do you all think? What did you get out of the track? Let me know below.

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