#27 – Introduced Species


Artist – Hands Like Houses
Album – Unimagine
Year – 2013
Genre – Post-Hardcore

There must be an Australian theme going on right now, right? The new track for this week is a from an up and coming post-hardcore group from Australia. Hands Like Houses show themselves to be a nice group of fellows with immense talent on the track Introduced Species. This has definitely been one of the most pleasant musical discoveries of the week for me. With that said, let me explain why this track is totally worth your time.

The song begins with a great little glitchy electronic opening, and then a great big “WE DON”T BELONG HERE” gang vocal, the song kicks off. You can hear the band’s talent right away with the absolutely huge crashing drums and echoing guitar, and then the pace gets faster as the drums shift into high gear. Lead singer Trenton Woodley begins his singing, and holy cow does he have a VOICE! He hits each note effortlessly and glides through his melodies like nothing. This guy’s got game. The first verse and prechorus are quick, but they build up perfectly to the highlight of the song which is the chorus.

The chorus is soaring. As Woodley sings “We speak in tongues and we walk on the wires between” you get goosebumps. The notes are spot on. It’s that perfect catchy melody that’s such a gem to find in a song from such a young band. Speaking of the band, they they slouch off here either. The layers of guitar and synth here provide that perfect background that supports the vocals impeccably. After the anthemic chorus, the beginning melodic breakdown repeats.

There’s a great vocal section here which really showcases Woodley’s talent, as well as this really cool electronic synth instrumentation going on. Another prechorus explodes back in, and then another huge chorus. After this there’s a great bridge. It’s soft and tender and provides a welcome mix up to the pace. There’s another half-prechorus, which is also soft, but you can totally feel it building to one last chorus. Sure enough, the song finishes strong with a final display of showmanship from band and vocalist alike in the last chorus.

The lyrics throughout the song are curiously cerebral. They are clever and well written, but the theme is not exactly clear. The lines make sense, and yet it was hard for me to get a good grasp on what they meant to me. However, I’m still new to the song as well, and perhaps more listening will clear things up on a personal level. This doesn’t mean that the lyrics are bad by any means. Like I said, they are very clever and fit the music perfectly. They just take a little time to digest.

If you’re looking for the next great band, keep your eyes on this group. This song is huge. It’s melodic, powerful, and it’s played by a band who has the skills to pay the bills. It’s an anthem for modern post-hardcore bands everywhere. They should take notice, because this band is here to stay.

What do you all think of the song and review? Let me know below!


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