#33 – Loco


Artist – Enrique Iglesias
Album – Loco – Single
Year – 2013
Genre – Latin Pop

Hey all. So I’m going to be switching things up from here on out. I’m going to try to make my reviews a little less long-winded. The essence, melody and emotion of the song are the focus, so I’m going to try and cut out a lot of the details of instrumentation, as I figure you’ll hopefully hear it in the song for yourself. However, instrumentation will still be analyzed to a point, just not as much. Hopefully this is a good change, but with that said, let’s dive into a new track for the week!

Enrique Iglesias’ new single “Loco” has everything you’ll want in not just a latin pop song, but a pop song in general. The guitar is beautiful and clean throughout the entire track, and it keeps the traditional bachata (Dominican Dance) flavor of the song but also gives it a modern flair. The great little bongo hits in the background of the song just make you want to get up and dance. The instrumentation as a whole in this track really transports you to somewhere warm and tropical. There’s even a great little guitar solo at the end that picks up the tempo and lets the song get a bit, well, loco.

The vocals and lyrics are the standout of this track, and even if you’re not familiar with Iglesias’ Spanish tracks, this is still a must listen track because of how much passion is put into the words. Iglesias’ voice is stunning on this track, and he truly follows the bachata style of heartbreak and loneliness in his singing. As he goes from quiet longing to full on ache and desperation, you can hear the mood in every line he sings. Mr. Romeo Santos makes an appearance on his song, and his higher register and tone complement Iglesias very well. The chorus of this song is absolutely the most well crafted piece of the song. It’s catchy and emotional at the same time, as the duo sings of how crazy they are just to give a kiss to the object of their affection. It’s great stuff all around.

The Spanish language is naturally beautiful in my opinion, and the way the words flow in each section, especially the chorus, is just wonderful to listen to. It’s very pleasing to the ears, and it feels very romantic. Even if you look up the English translation, the words still fit and flow very well, but the Spanish just works so much better.

This is a song for romance. It’s a song for summer. It’s really a song for anyone looking for a great, fun romantic pop song. In my opinion, Enrique Iglesias’ songs designed for the latin market are actually more appealing than many of his other pop songs. But whether you do enjoy his previous catalog or are new to his music, the vocal and instrumental treat you’ll get in this track is great! Being one of the best new releases this week, this song is definitely worth a spot on your Ipod.

So what do you all think of the shorter, more concise reviews? Should I keep them? Go back to being more in depth? Let me know what you think about the construction, or what you’d like me to focus on more below! I’m always trying to improve, so let me know how I can. Thanks everyone!


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