#34 – Marlboro Lights


Artist – Natalia Kills
Album – Trouble
Year – 2013
Genre – Pop

Starting up again on new music Tuesday, we have a beautiful ballad from English Pop artist Natalia Kills! I’ve had a listen to her new album today and it’s quite good as a whole, but she really outdoes herself on this track. Let’s dive in.

Marlboro Lights is nothing flashy. It’s not over the top or sappy. What it is is honest. It’s a girl and her piano, just trying to flush her feelings out. It’s a rarity when we see real, honest songwriting from a pop artist in this day and age. The piano melody is beautiful and longing, as Kills croons in a very Lana Del Ray-esque style. She sings how just the simple thought of someone, even after they’ve trashed your heart, is enough to ease the ache. Well, at least for a while. Let’s face it, when we’re in the darkness that follows a breakup, sometimes we consider ending our lives. Yes, it’s a rash thought and it’s a terrible thing to think, but it’s there. Kills’ lines “and a lonely bridge or rooftop ledge could just fix everything” and “the passing trucks and loaded guns could never fix anything” touch on this. It’s unique in the sense that this kind of darkness is never really touched upon in pop songs. Props to Kills for going there.

The piano is gorgeous throughout. It has that twinkling and somber quality that Evanescence’s My Immortal had, but Kills’ voice and lyrics enhance the sound in a different way. Instead of being ethereal and soft, Kills truly comes across as tearful and almost angry. But not quite. She maintains the composure that makes a soft ballad like this work, without sacrificing any emotion or mood. When you get to the bridge…watch out. It’ll get you. It’s simply beautiful, and the finest part of the song for sure.

A great heartbreaking pop song is hard to find, but this one is a four star for sure. It’s not your average pop ballad. This is something more. If Kills puts out more music as good as the music on her last album, and especially songs like this, then she’ll be on her way in the world. If you’re looking for a song to belt out alone in your room when you’re feeling down, this is one hundred percent for you. It’s also for anyone who thinks the artful pop ballad has been lost to history. Look no further than Natalia Kills’ Marlboro Lights. Great voice, great lyrics, amazing song.What did you all think? Let me know below!

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