#37 – It’s Only Life


Artist – The Shins
Album – Port of Morrow
Year – 2012
Genre – Alternative/Indie Pop

Hello again world. Life has thrown me quite a few curveballs these past few months. Lots of love, loss and loneliness and all that. Being that many of these experiences were new to me, I didn’t really know how to handle them. As a result, and as I’m sure many of you noticed, this blog kind of fell by the wayside. I really had to do some thinking about myself and a bunch of other things. Music, as it always has before, calmed my soul and provided the expression that I could not convey in words to others. It’s time for me to begin again, and I couldn’t think of a better song to encompass the situations and feelings that us as human beings suffer, rejoice, love, cry, and laugh through.

The whole song exudes this wonderful youthful sort of joy, while being tinged with melancholic vocals. It starts with Jangling guitars and piano that sounds like it belongs in the opening credits of a Wes Anderson movie. From then on, it’s a beautiful acoustic journey filled with choral backing and bells galore. The electric guitar in the song has a wonderful tone, and the melody throughout the whole track is quaint and catchy, but not overwhelming. It’s a perfect balance of heart and soul. Simple and poignant music here.

Frontman James Mercer has a very sweet, honest voice which comes across loud and clear. Every note he sings, you can sense the emotion laced behind every line. His lyrics poetically describe life’s hardships, and trying to move past them. It’s an exploration of the feelings we all experience in our darker times, and our longing to reach out for help. The resolution here is that we do have those that care and have “been down the very road you’re walking now.” We can’t help but feel, because we are human. We are not perfect, but we don’t have to be. We have our friends to carry us around the next bend where love is waiting. Overall a beautiful sentiment poetically portrayed and sung with true honesty. The chorus is a thing to hear, as Mercer stretches his voice to show us exactly what he wants us to see and realize.

It’s Only Life is a wonderful song to help get you through life’s struggles, as it certainly helped me. As you’ve noticed, I will now start posting the actual videos to my reviews so that you can all listen to the song while you read. Plus I find it more convenient anyway. This post is a personal one for me, and I pray that all of you show the ones you love how much you care about them this holiday season. Winter can get especially lonely for those on their own, so to all of you I say this: if you ever find yourselves feeling lonesome and pessimistic about the future, just remember that there are people who care about you and will help pick you up again if you let them. Around the next corner your true love could be waiting, but until that time, find comfort in those around you and never change who you are. It’s something I’ve had to learn as well.

It’s only life. It’s only natural.

Please comment and let me know what you think of the song or review. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “#37 – It’s Only Life

  1. I really like the songs you add to your list! I can tell you put a lot of thought into your choices, and your descriptions of the songs are VERY detailed. I feel like I know exactly how the song will sound before I’ve even listened to it, based on your descriptions. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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