#40 – Comes and Goes (In Waves)


Artist – Greg Laswell
Album – Three Flights from Alto Nido
Year – 2008
Genre – Soft Acoustic

This track doubles as my new track for the week since today Greg Laswell released a 2013 remake of this song, which you should also check out. However, I do prefer the original, so that’s what I’ll be reviewing. For those who don’t know him, Greg Laswell is a wonderful singer/songwriter from San Diego, California. His tracks have been featured in many TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. His new album is going to be released in February of next year, so we have that to look forward to. In any case, let’s get started.

You know those songs that have lyrics that seem to be universally true? I’m talking about songs like “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., because well, everybody does hurt sometimes. This is another one of those songs from a lyrical standpoint. “This one’s for the torn down, the experts at the fall. Come on friends, get up now; you’re not alone at all.” Laswell writes with a soft and gentle poignancy that is breathtaking in it’s own right. The song as a whole deals with the sting of loneliness and loss after heartbreak. But the truth is we are not alone in this regard, and Laswell comforts us while bringing us back up to the sun. He also reflects on his own heartbreak in a way that makes him just as human as the rest of us, “This part was for her…does she remember? It comes and goes in waves.”

Musically the song just works in it’s simplicity, while it adds exactly the right amount of gravitas at just the right times for that extra emotional kick. I personally find Laswell’s voice to be among the most pleasing singer/songwriter voice I’ve heard. It’s low and sweet, but reverberates and creates this powerful tone while still being sensitive and emotional. On this song it’s no exception, and his singing wonderfully reflects the nuances of emotion in the song. The music is simple. There’s a gentle repeated guitar line, and as the song builds in intensity, more instruments are added. Beautiful piano, a solid drumbeat, bells, and a female voice are all added by the end of the song, which fades into a gentle finale.

Lyrically the song is stunning. Laswell’s voice is impeccable, and the music accentuates it perfectly. If you’re looking for that soft acoustic song that really captures how you feel during times of pain, I can’t think of a better one than this. It’s totally worth a slot on your Ipod. Just remember, the pain will pass. It comes and goes in waves.

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