#43 – Indian Giver


Artist – Every Time I Die
Album – Ex Lives
Year – 2012
Genre – Hardcore

Don’t worry, there’s more Christmas songs coming, but for this next review I thought I’d proudly represent Buffalo, NY with some hometown hardcore from Every Time I Die.

First off, the first thing I have to mention about this song, and really any Every Time I Die song are the incredibly witty, intelligent, and sometimes cryptic lyrics written by frontman Keith Buckley. I’m sure you’ll see some better examples in the future, but this song falls more under the “cryptic” category. The song itself starts in full on rage mode. Buckley’s aggressive screams differ from many other in the genre. They’re honest and emotional, and he sounds like a man steeped in desperation, anger, and grief.

The vocals quickly shift to eerie melodic echoes. Buckley sounds like a ghost from beyond the grave as he sings, and this awesome doom rock guitar covers the background in darkness and gloom. This tone is persistent throughout, and takes full effect at the close of the song when Buckley shifts into full on melody. The singing here is haunting and ethereal, and the lyrics seem to deal with coping with loss and grief. The song just fits together perfectly in terms of tone, lyrics and melody.

Now I’m not bragging or anything, but these boys are some of the most technical and talented hardcore musicians out there right now. This song is a bit of a slower one, but make no mistake, they’re no slouches here. The drums fit the song to a T, and the doom rock guitars are played with precision, sometimes harmonizing with each other for these great little passages towards the climax.

If you’re looking for a great hardcore band and song, look no further. It’s got some wonderful melody in here too, and lyrics that will have you thinking. The guitar tone makes the song great, as it adds that doom sound to the hardcore background. It’s intelligent darkness at it’s finest, and I recommend this song to any fans of hardcore, metalcore, or any hard rock in general. These guys can only go up from here. LET’S GO BUFFALO!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the song and review!


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