#44 – Angels We Have Heard On High


Artist – Bayside
Album – Angels We Have Heard on High – Single
Year – 2010
Genre – Holiday/Pop-Punk/Alternative

What happens when you combine one of my favorite Christmas hymns with a kickass pop-punk band? You get Bayside’s cover of Angels We Have Heard on High, that’s what. This song literally combines two of my favorite things into one awesome package, so let’s celebrate good cheer and review this song!

First of all, I think that Angels We Have Heard on High has one of the most infectious melodies ever written…er…composed. Every single one of you out there who likes Christmas songs has sung the “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” part. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true. So anyways, Bayside’s cover basically starts off with the melody played with some guitar, and then frontman Anthony Raneri starts singing over some riffs. Raneri’s voice is a very clear, crisp one and he both articulates and sings very well.

The verses are pretty good on their own, but when that chorus hits you better strap yourselves in for a honest to goodness harmony fest. The word I’m looking for to describe how the chorus is is great. It’s so so pleasing to listen to. There’s harmonies going on here that keep the spirit of the original hymn and just sound so good. It’s fast paced and has that punk sound, but it never sounds false or weird.

The drums are rocking, the guitars are chugging, and there’s even some jingle bells for the Christmas spirit. Raneri and company are spot on throughout, and after a neat little breakdown/bridge, there’s one last surprise. A key change brings in the next verse and choruses, which sound even better than they did before as the band let’s it rip to the end.

This is a song that is literally the epitome of blending something old that works with something new that also works. Some of the best melodies ever written came from old Christmas songs, and there’s no better way to show a modern audience how awesome the melodies are than by playing them in a modern rock format. My kudos go to Bayside for being different and showing how the music and the message come first. No words are changed in this song either, my friends. It is a CHRISTMAS song after all. If you like Christmas and Holiday music, and you like pop-punk that sounds great, this is for you.Let me know what you thought of the song and review below in the comments!


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