#45 – Lola Montez


Artist – Volbeat
Album – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
Year – 2013
Genre – Nu-Metal/Hard Rock

Volbeat is a Danish metal band that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. Their new album has been receiving critical acclaim, and their live presence has gotten some attention. Being relatively new to the band’s work, I came in with open ears and no opinions whatsoever. However, after hearing their work, especially their new single Lola Montez, I can say I’m definitely looking forward to more from this band in the future. So about that review…

A driving riff starts this song, and then you hear the powerhouse vocals of frontman Michael Poulsen. Yes I know he’s hard to understand, but cut the guy a break. Do you not hear his voice? His melody and pitch are impeccable, and I’ve watched some live videos as well. He’s still just as good live. The song itself takes a pretty standard approach in terms of construction, but the subject matter is interesting. It’s a bit of a ballad about the Spanish dancer Lola Montez who lived in California for awhile back in the 1850’s. She was renowned for her erotic “spider dance.” The theme of the old west is one not often touched upon, so it’s refreshing to see this band have their take on the era.

The instrumentation remains pretty simple, with some very nice guitar flourishes here and there. The verses are nice on their own, but the chorus is a real treat. It’s catchy as hell and the guitar provides a wonderful echo to Poulsen’s hooky melody. This is definitely a crowd-pleaser. I loved it after just one listen.

The guitar solo is showy enough to be impressive, but simple enough to provide just what the song needs. The bridge provides wonderful anticipation for the last chorus, which is bigger and better. It’s a perfect ending to this melodic rocker.

If you like melody in your rock, here you go. It’s catchy, it rocks and you can both sing along and move to it. We can definitely expect more good things from this band in the future. Despite the ever present articulation issue, Poulsen is perhaps one of the best vocalists in the genre, with his band not too far behind him. Festival circuit 2014? I think so.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the song and review!


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