#46 – O Come All Ye Faithful


Artist – David Archuleta
Album – Christmas from the Heart
Year – 2009
Genre – Holiday Traditional/Pop

I’m going to say it. David Archuleta’s Christmas from the Heart is my favorite Christmas album of all time. As a singer he may not have won American Idol, but he’s incredible. His voice is powerful and captures so much emotion and bravado, and the whole album is all traditional Christmas songs, which of course are my favorite. So let’s dive into it.

O Come All Ye Faithful is another one of those Christmas hymns that really has an impeccable melody. Archuleta’s version is backed by lush strings and piano which adds this warm, glowing feeling to the whole song. I simply can’t praise Archuleta’s voice enough in this version. You can tell he feels every note he sings, and that these songs mean a lot to him. In no way does this version feel forced, fake, or otherwise dishonest.

The instrumentation is simple but really enhances the mood of the song, and it’s not overly complicated. However, it’s the way Archuleta handles the chorus is the highlight, as well as the soaring notes at the very end of the song during the last chorus. It’s extremely uplifting and will leave you feeling good. And that’s what Christmas music is supposed to do, so in that regard I would say that Archuleta’s rendition of this song soars above many others.

I know this is a short review, but since most of you out there probably know the song, I just wanted to portray the differences in Archuleta’s version. It’s beautifully sung with feeling, and the warm background instrumentation and orchestration is perfect for the mood of the song. If you like traditional Christmas songs with a modern vocal twist, this is perfect for you. It’s a wonderful portrayal of this classic hymn, done with emotion and uplifting gusto.

Let me know what you thought of the song and review in the comments below!


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