#49 – Kathy’s Song


Artist – Simon & Garfunkel
Album – Sounds of Silence
Year – 1966
Genre – Folk/Acoustic

I have to credit my father for playing this song for me. I was immediately floored by how beautiful the song is. It just goes to further prove how incredible a songwriter Paul Simon is. Never have I heard such lyrics as these. This is a must listen right off the bat! Phew. Ok, let’s keep it together here and give it a go.

It’s a soft, gentle love song. But it’s more than that. It’s pure love poetry, and it is powerful. Instrumentally, the song is simple, with Simon simply playing an acoustic guitar and singing, but this is a man baring his love in the most profound way he knows how. The song deals with missing someone far away, and I’m sure to those with significant others that could be another town, another state, another country, or even down the street. Missing someone is a powerful feeling that’s hard to put down in words, but Simon does it more beautifully and poetically than many many others.

The lyrics are…I don’t even know where to begin. There’s such beauty held within such seemingly simple expressions of love and affection. Here’s a few of my favorite lines that took my breath away:

“My thoughts are many miles away
They lie with you when you’re asleep
And kiss you when you start your day”

What a simple sign of affection, but yet I couldn’t think of a better expression of true, true love than letting someone know that you are there for them always.

“I stand alone without beliefs
The only truth I know is you”

Wow. Words fail me for how beautiful this line is.

“And as I watch the drops of rain
Weave their weary paths and die
I know that I am like the rain
There, but for the grace of you , go I”

Is there anything more powerful and beautiful than finding that person who makes your life not just a straight path to death, like the rain? Who fills your life with things you couldn’t have dreamed of before. Life is all about the ones you love and hold dear, and without them, we would exist simply to go on our ways and then die, without truly being happy (at least in my opinion).

All in all, the best way to sum up the song is this: the music is simple, yet incredibly profound, as are the lyrics. It’s pure poetry, and it’s poetry about love written in a way that I myself tear up every time I hear it. I hope that you share this song with someone special to you, because it deserves that much. I hope each one of you finds something in this song that resonates with you, because not only is it worth a listen, or a spot on your Ipod for that matter, it may be that song that reminds you of your love, whether far away or right next to you.

Let me know what you think of the song or review in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “#49 – Kathy’s Song

  1. There is an old saying: “the best things in like cannot be spoken of because they transcend words (or music) and the second best are often misunderstood”. I think its fair to say Paul Simon is a poet, singer, songwriter who speaks a language we would all love to learn. Kathy’s song is a beautiful song but also a beautiful poem set to music. He speaks to the beauty within us all!

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