#50 – The Reckless and The Brave


Artist – All Time Low
Album – Don’t Panic
Year – 2012
Genre – Pop-Punk

Happy 50th song, everyone! Looks like I’m still around, and I plan to see this project through to the end! As All Time Low would say, “Long live the reckless and the brave!” Speaking of which…

Modern day pop-punk staple All Time Low hit an all time HIGH with their 2012 release Don’t Panic, which I gave quite a fair amount of praise to in another publication. The opening track on the album, “The Reckless and the Brave,” is a pulse pounding rager of a track. It’s perfect to absolutely scream out in the car or sing into your hairbrush…not that I do that. It’s extremely hooky and catchy, like a lot of All Time Low’s material, but it’s also frenetic, and remarkably textured for a pop-punk track.

Starting with the awesome stuttering guitar effect at the very beginning, the song is very well put together musically. The guitar riffs are driving and powerful and they practically blow the speakers up. The drums are really something else though. They boom and crack like lightning, and they performance of all musicians here is super tight. The choice of chords maybe a little cliche, but my firm belief is that no matter how many times a progression is used, as long as you enjoy it, then you should definitely listen to it. The song drives through the majority of its length, but there’s a great little cut out and kick in at the final leg, and a great closing with a military march style snare drum beat.

Lead singer Alex Gaskarth is one hell of a singer and lyric writer. He absolutely kills it on this one with his trademark powerhouse voice and sarcastic, quick witted lyrics. But let’s talk about the harmonies here. Woo boy, the harmonies kill me every time they’re so good. I know they’re a trademark of the band, but the production on this album (which is fantastic by the way) really brings them out and you can hear every nuance. All in all, this is a standout vocal track for sure, and if you don’t sing along with this then you have more will power me, my friend.

Whether you like pop or rock or even both, this song is a must have for you. It’s easily one of the strongest tracks of this great album, and it’s a ten out of ten on the catchy-o-meter (maybe I should make this a thing…). But anyway, thanks for sticking around with my blog those of you who have read it and continue to read and/or follow it. We’re going to keep on trucking til we get to 1001, so long live the reckless and the brave!

Let me know what you thought of the review or the song in the comments below!

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