#54 – The Ballad of You and I


Artist – Melee
Album – The Masquerade
Year – 2010
Genre – Power Pop/Piano Rock

Ok, Ok you can get your grammar rants over with right now. I’ll wait.

Are we all good now? Grammar aside this the song that brought the piano rock powerhouse that is Melee to my life. It’s a beautiful track filled with incredible vocals, lush texturing, and powerful dynamics. I suppose I’ve said enough for now, so let’s get into the track.

“Love is a song. We’re singing it.”

Oh boy, as soon as I heard that, I knew I was in for a lyrical ride. The song starts off setting the tone beautifully, with crystal clear piano ringing out over the repeated phrase above. Then Chris Cron starts singing. I’m telling you this guy has got a voice. His vocals are so powerful and so emotive that it’s a shame he’s not known by more people. There’s a great little stuttering electronic tone that plays throughout the song, which adds this awesome texture to the already building track. Here comes the chorus.

Boom. This chorus hits like a train. Cron’s voice swells and so does the music. I continuously builds until every time Cron belts out the last line. Seriously, this chorus is stellar, and its criminal that Itunes gave this song out for free a couple years back. Actually I’m not complaining, as how else would I have discovered this band? Anyway, the instrumentation is beautiful as well. The drums are very loud and crisp, there are some awesome vocal echoes, and some lovely string arrangements that reinforce the song’s romantic lyrics.

There’s another verse and then another powerful chorus, but before we go into the bridge, let’s talk about the lyrics first. The lyrics are lovely. The whole notion of love being a song that is continuously written every day you spend with your partner is a beautiful sentiment, and I’ve never heard it expressed that way before. It’s about leaving your mark in the other’s life and creating stories together that you can remember forever. It’s emotional just to hear the passion with which Cron sings these words, but you haven’t heard anything until you get to the bridge.

“No need to crawl, no need to bend
Don’t have to be a part of some plan
Don’t have to ask for you to give
Don’t have to die for us to live”

If you think those lyrics are gorgeous, then wait til you hear how they’re sung. The bridge starts out soft, and slowly builds up to the last line, and suddenly the instruments swell and that last word is just sung to high heaven by Cron. It’s awe inspiring to hear how much of himself he puts into this song; into every word and every moment. These lyrics are a notion that seems to be forgotten in romance these days. When you’re with someone you truly love, then you really don’t have to ask for anything from them, at least on an emotional level. When you’re in love, it’s as alive as you can ever be. Bravo to Melee for so beautifully stating that.

The song has to take a breath after that bridge, so the chorus (yeah, that’s a breath) is repeated until the end of the song, which fades away into some gorgeous nonverbal intonation from Cron and some more great piano and synth overlay. You leave this journey feeling empowered, happy, and knowing the best is yet to come in your life.

I have to give a shout out to Chris Cron again here, and I know I’ve mentioned him a ton already. I’ve been fortunate to have received messages from Chris when I in turn have messaged him about his various projects. It may not seem like a big deal to him, but it most definitely is a big deal to me. To find the time to reach out to fans like that is something not often seen, but it is greatly admired and appreciated. I wish him the best of luck in his future and look forward to his success.

The Ballad of You and I is a song for the lovers. A song for those who admire great love songs, and who like those songs to stand out, and to be powerful both in music and in word. I wish to each and every one of you out there that you not only listen to this song, but that you write your own ballads with your partners and friends.

Let me know what you think of the song and review in the comments below. You can find a comments button by looking to the side of this post, as it should be in small white letters, or just click on the blue title of the song and scroll down.


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