One Last Note on Comments

OK this is the last comment note I swear. I really do read and appreciate every single comment that’s left on my blog, and I would really love it if I could get some more of your feedback. I take every comment to heart and it’s important for me to know how you feel about the songs I post. I want to hear your feelings and what the songs mean to you, if they mean anything. Or you could tell me I’m full of crap, that’s fine too! I just want to hear your thoughts about my writing and the music.

I think one of the reasons might be that it’s hard to find where to leave the comments, since I keep saying “below” and most people who look at this blog only see the home page. In that case, when you find a song you like, there is a little white button to the left of the song that says “Leave a comment.” You can click on that, or if you are viewing the songs individually (which is done by clicking on the blue title of a song) then you can scroll to the bottom to leave a comment. Thanks for reading this guys, and keep leaving those comments! You’re one of the main reasons I do what I do


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