#55 – Recognize


Artist – Flaw
Album – Endangered Species
Year – 2004
Genre – Nu-Metal

Now here’s a band that I’ve pulled from the recesses of the early 2000’s. Flaw is a nu-metal band that has always stuck out to me for one reason. Lead singer Chris Volz has one of the best voices I’ve heard in Nu-metal. Period. He’s certainly got a harshness to him, but that is most definitely not the case with this song. Instead, his absolutely wonderful clean vocals take center stage for this introspective song that Volz takes from ordinary to extraordinary.

The song has a melancholic, depressive tone from the very start. The strange, distorted guitar begins the song on a gloomy note and the drumstick keeps time against the snare. Then Volz begins to sing. As soon as you hear it, you’ll know why I separate it from most other singers in his genre. It’s melodic and clean enough that he could sing in pop if he wanted to, but yet it’s got that bit of roughness and edge that keeps the honesty in what he’s singing.

The melody starting from the verses and going all the way through to the chorus is superb. It’s very catchy for a metal track, and though the instruments may not stand out all that much, Volz keeps this track anchored with his honest and emotional vocals. Don’t get me wrong, the guitar adds some great chugging riffs when they’re needed as well as some great clean, distorted sounds, but to me the instruments serve to back up the voice in this track. The lyrics themselves in this song are emotional and introspective, but don’t particularly jump out to me. However, when Volz sings each and every chorus in this song, he weaves the melody in with the lyrics in such a way that it sounds absolutely beautiful.

The bridge really builds the tense and sad emotion as the singing gets more and more agitated and the guitar chugs pick up in pace. When the last choruses come around, Volz lets it all out. The last chorus especially is a treat to hear, and it gave me chills when Volz hits the high notes. The ending of the track features Volz showing off his voice one last time with some nice little vocal runs and a soft, quiet ending as per the mood of the track. You’ll be left feeling ready to listen again for his voice alone.

I said this long ago, and you can judge me if you want: Chris Volz is the Josh Groban of Nu-Metal. Seriously though, if you don’t believe me, you have to hear Recognize. This is a song both for the nu-metal fans looking for a new band or song (because I bet you haven’t heard of either Flaw or this song) or for anyone who really appreciate great emotional vocals and great vocal talent. Who would have thought it would be found in the strangest of places.

Let me know what you think of the song and review in the comments!


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