#56 – Life In Technicolor II


Artist – Coldplay
Album – Prospekt’s March
Year – 2008
Genre – Post-Britpop/Alternative

I just had a learning experience before I wrote this review. I learned that Coldplay and other bands like them, like Keane and Snow Patrol are in fact POST Britpop, and not straight Britpop, which is how I previously categorized them. Oh well, you learn something new every day. I guess that’s why I love music so much! Anyway, picking my first Coldplay review was tough, but I eventually knew this song had to be the one. It’s probably one of my top favorites in any case.

The beginning of this song is certainly one of the most catchy and memorable intros Coldplay has ever created. I believe the instrument used is called a Santoor, which comes from the middle east. It’s overlaid beautifully with some acoustic guitar until the beat finally kicks in with arena-like grandiosity. There is a great deal of lush texture here and it paints a joyful, upbeat musical picture.

The instruments throughout are powerful and delicate at the same time. They really add this sort of brightness to the whole track, as if every instrument is just ringing out like a bell. It’s really stellar work from the whole band, from the drums, to the synth/piano, to the guitar. Everything meshes perfectly.

Chris Martin’s singing voice in this song is perfect for the tone the song sets. It’s bright and triumphant, and he sings the song very well. The first verse goes down alright, but the chorus is really where the song hits you right where you want it to. As the instruments blend and swirl, Martin’s voice absolutely soars and goes to new heights. The melody is really, really catchy as well, and there’s a great resolution at the end of the chorus.

There’s a nice little instrumental connective part that repeats the intro, but I just love hearing that santoor, so I think it fits very nicely. The next verse is really a step up from the last.

“Every road is a ray of light”

That’s the line right there. Not only is it my favorite lyric in the song, the way Martin sings it gives me chills. As soon as Martin hits that falsetto, he just belts out the final lines and changes up the melody to an even better one. The next chorus is just as good as the first, and then there’s a great deal of build up until the end, which puts you right on the edge.

As the band yells out in chorus, Martin finally ends with one last “Now my feet won’t touch the ground,” and the song cuts out and takes its last breath, but this bombastic song has left you with a feeling of happiness and a melody you won’t soon forget. You’ll probably be whistling that santoor part all day, so you might as well accept it.

This is a beautiful and grandiose Coldplay song that stands among the best for me. I think it’s worthy to be placed among some of their more popular songs and I hope that you think so too. This is a song for really anyone who listens to any alternative or just likes bright music that catches you off guard. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Coldplay in this day and age anyway?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave a comment about what you thought of the song and review!

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