#58 – Roses and Butterflies


Artist – Making April
Album – Runaway World
Year – 2006
Genre – Emo/Piano Rock

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best tragic love song that you’ve never heard. Also, here’s a fun fact: Making April was formed at SUNY Albany. Even though I go to SUNY Geneseo, it’s cool to hear of a band that came out of the SUNY system anyway. Let’s get to it.

I’m a huge sucker for piano in modern music, and this song begins with an absolutely breathtaking piano motif that repeats throughout the song. Vocalist Sean Scanlon has an incredible voice that cuts through you like a knife. His vocals from the beginning show incredible range, as he whispers as if telling a secret, and seconds later he is belting with all he has. His style is so emotional (hence the genre) you can almost feel his tears as he sings. I personally have nothing against the “emo” label, as I feel it’s a very honest way of expressing sadness and pain through music.

If the verses are gentle and sensitive, than the chorus is a full on plea for Scanlon’s sorrows to end. He sings with authority and great skill, and this chorus is catchy, but in a beautiful way so that it stays in your head, but also speaks to you. It’s depressive, and yet uplifting in that way that only sad songs can be.

Let’s talk about the lyrics now:

“I was caught in an awkward silence
broken down by the sound of your prelude that you played
to open our symphony”

The lyrics in this song are like poetry taken straight from a romance novel, but I guess since I’m a romantic I think they’re very poignant and beautifully written. They’re clever in a way that makes you feel for Scanlon as he sings. The words cut you, and that’s a sign of good songwriting.

Seriously? Scanlon is too good at singing! Watch this and see.

The instruments fit the song perfectly. What’s more tragically romantic than a piano and strings? Those, and some well placed background guitar create the perfect texture for the goal this song has in mind. Scanlon’s got some chops too. He adds very nice flourishes on the piano here and there to vary it up and almost make a musical sigh or breath. After the second chorus, which raises the stakes and builds you up to a crescendo, there’s a piano solo that rises and falls like the emotion of the song.

After the constant build up throughout the song, the ending verse and chorus just blow it all away into an absolutely huge ending. There’s wonderful harmonies and vocal overlay, and crashing instruments galore. It’s the ultimate release the song has been seeking throughout. It’s cathartic and absolute pleasure to listen to.

I guess if I could sum up the song, it would be that the WHOLE song is a pleasure to listen to. It exercises those demons of love we all have stored up inside of us, if even just for a little bit. It’s a dose of beautiful medicine that everyone can enjoy. Great songwriting and instruments come together and paint a tragic, yet intensely romantic view of love gone wrong.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please leave a comment about the song and review!

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