#61 – Collar Full


Artist – Panic! At the Disco
Album – Too Rare to Live, Too Rare to Die
Year – 2013
Genre – Pop Punk

Oh, believe me, there were SO many Panic! at the Disco songs I wanted to review first, but I thought, “Kris, what’s a great Panic! song that people may have overlooked?” Their new album immediately came to mind, and that’s how I ended up doing a review for this song. “Collar Full” is a wonderfully catchy, upbeat, and fun song that really got overlooked in favor of the singles released from this album, but have no fear, that’s what I’m here for!

The dance-synth intro glitters as the song hops into gear as frontman (and ever popular Vine poster) Brendon Urie croons “We’ve waited so damn long.” Right now you get a pretty good taste for the sultry nature of the song, and as the song goes on this only becomes more apparent. The song is pretty fast paced, so certain parts of the song may seem to fly by, but the song actually does a great job at really pulling you in, letting you down, and doing it all over again.

The chorus hits you right in the chest with a bang. Urie’s voice soars and slides up and down the scale effortlessly. That same ascending and descending is what captivates in every chorus. It’s catchy, yes, but it gives Urie a chance to really shine on a quicker pace that hasn’t been seen since Panic!’s earlier albums.

The song doesn’t let up the electronic drums pulse and Urie swoons into the next verse. It’s a fast song about fast love. The lyrics are simple, but create the perfect pop song. They’re easy to remember and even easier (and more fun) to sing along to.

The next chorus has a surprise. After the normal melody finishes, it repeats with some wonderful harmony “ohs” that overlay perfectly. Some intense guitar strums lead into a quiet chorus that explodes into the last, with some beautiful “ohs” and more guitar to cap off this short, perfect pop-rock track.

It’s a shame this track got overlooked on this album, because it really encapsulates not only a great Panic! at the Disco song, but a great pop-rock/pop-punk song. Great melody, fast pacing, soulful singing, infectious beats, and sensuous lyrics combine to create a well oiled machine of a song. This is a must listen!

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