#62 – Apply Some Pressure


Artist – Maximo Park
Album – A Certain Trigger
Year – 2005
Genre – Alternative

Ahhh memories. The first time I heard this song, or really this band, I was busy crashing through cars and drag racing the streets of Rome. I mean in Burnout Revenge of course! With one of most quirky riffs I’ve heard in a rock song, Apply Some Pressure by Maximo Park is the coolest song by the coolest band you don’t know.

When I say quirkiest riff, you’ll know what I mean as soon as you hear the first 3 seconds of this song. As strange as it is, it’s infectious. The same goes goes for the voice of frontman Paul Smith, which fits perfectly with the rest of the song. The song, which goes through some very strange rhythmic changes, is quite catchy. The constant descending verses will have you singing along, and by the time the drums really kick in, the song is already in full swing.

The structure of the song is strange as well, as there really is not a set “chorus” per say. The bit after the first verses, whatever you want to call it here, is super hooky and probably the best part of the song. It really gets you going. I guess that’s why the song was in a racing game. The first half is the hooky build up to the frenetic second half of the song, which is furiously paced until the last repeat of the initial verses.

The instruments are also split into halves, with the first half being the quirky, yet powerful section, while the second half is straight up rock and roll, with power chords and a standard drum beat. Overall, the tone of the instruments, especially the guitar, is perfect for this type of unique songwriting and singing.

The lyrics are actually clever and thought provoking despite the uptempo, fun nature of the song. They deal with constantly changing notions of a relationship, and how things often change very fast in life. However, there is always the opportunity to start again, and hence the cyclical nature of the song. And hey, I can relate to this line:

What’s my view, well, how am I supposed to know?
Write a review, well, how objective can I be?

I think you can see why I relate to this one. Here’s some more great lyrics to look out for:

I testify to having guilty feelings
I must confess I’d like to be caught stealing

Behind your veil I found a body underneath
Inside your head were things I never thought about

Hoo boy, those are some good lyrics.

Maximo Park is quickly proving themselves to be a band I want to listen to more and more with every song I hear. I strongly encourage you to do the same, and if you want a great overall taste of the group and their sound, this is the song for you. I can almost guarantee the majority of your friends will not know who they are, or will think you’re cool for knowing them!

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