#64 – #SELFIE


Artist – The Chainsmokers
Album – #Selfie – Single
Year – 2014
Genre – Pop/Dance/House

I’ll admit it. I love this track. It’s one of the most ironically funny and satirical dance tracks to have been released in a long, long time. Not only does it make me laugh, it’s got a beat that’s simple and massively addictive and a blast to dance to. Time to party!

Ok, who hasn’t heard the first 30 seconds of this song and thought, “Oh my God this so true”? Anyone…anyone at all? That’s what I thought. Mind you, it may not be you that the girls in the song sound like, but chances are we’ve all heard this exact conversation happen multiple times in the past few months in some way, shape, or form. The song does an absolutely brilliant job at parodying the modern “selfie” picture phenomenon, as well as lampooning modern club culture. The song may come across as offensive to some, but I think a term I saw in another review fits the dialogue perfectly, “It’s shit clubbing white girls say.” That it is, but it’s taking a huge jab at a notion that has taken deep root in modern culture, and I say bravo to that.

The structure of the song is also top notch. The song builds during the dialogue, and the subsequent breakdown parts have that sort of reverse-bass sound to it that is deep and rich. It’s perfect for tearing it up on the dancefloor. Not only this, the constant pitch shifts and octave jumps mean that the sound constantly changes, which is essential to keep an audience interested with a dance song. The breakdowns vary from one to the next with the first going up, and the second going down. The only downfall of the song is that it’s so short, which is unusual for a dance track, but I guess that just means you’ll have to play it again!

Everyone may have their own opinion of this song, but I think it’s absolutely hilarious and I can’t get enough of it. The beat just works with the song, and the dialogue samples are the funniest I’ve heard in dance track. I don’t know if the song takes itself seriously, but either way it’s a highly addictive song you’re probably going to spontaneously dance to. Or take a selfie to for that matter.

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