#65 – New Moon Rising


Artist – Wolfmother
Album – Cosmic Egg
Year – 2009
Genre – Hard Rock/Stoner Rock

In an age where the lo-fi, indie, and art rock sound is king, it’s so refreshing to hear a band that really can take you back to the glory days of rock and roll. Not that I was alive then, but hey, a guy can dream right? Wolfmother is precisely that band. Time and again they have absolutely blown me away with their classic rock sound but also the emotion and energy they put into their music. Frontman and axeman Andrew Stockdale has an ungodly voice that has been compared to Robert Plant and the guitar skills to seemingly create riffs from thin air. So let’s talk about “New Moon Rising.”

Since we’re on the topic of riffs, let’s talk about how good they are in this song. From the opening riff to the post chorus riff, Stockdale throws so much emotion into his playing that with every bend of the guitar strings you feel a rush of energy go through your body. The song just really revs you up, and from the moment that kick drum rhythm starts in the first verse, the song only builds. The simple two strum riff during the verses gets your blood boiling, until the song explodes during the chorus. Then it let’s you down during the chugging bridge and starts all over again until you’re done rocking out!

The solo is simple enough, but be sure to look at your hands during it. Are you playing air guitar? Well then the song has done it’s job. If you’re not, give it some time. You will. You will. Stockdale can really make that guitar scream, and make it scream he does.

Stockdale’s voice is something else. He shrieks and sings with every fiber of his being, and his wails on those last high notes of every verse and chorus give you shivers at how good he is. He rises and falls with the flow of the song and keeps that gritty quality that really lets you feel the effort he puts into singing.

This song really combines all the elements that make a good ol’ rock and roll song. The singing is phenomenal and raw, the riffs are down and dirty, and the other instruments, like the organ, bass, and drums, are all on point and add to the sound and overall feel of the song. The structure may feel conventional, but hell, we need a little convention in this unconventional world.

“New Moon Rising” is a song that more people who say “rock and roll is dead” should be listening to. Wolfmother stands on the last frontier of keeping that classic sound alive, and doing so with a modern twist. It has all the pieces of classic rock and puts them together in a way that modern audiences can appreciate. I hope this band continues to put out great songs that take you back, because I think that’s something that’s sorely needed in today’s musical landscape.

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