#68 – Blind Man

Black Stone Cherry - Folklore and Superstition

Artist – Black Stone Cherry
Album – Folklore and Superstition
Year – 2008
Genre – Hard Rock/Southern Rock

When southern rock and nu metal collide, you get a kickin’ combination. Meet Black Stone Cherry out of Edmonton, Kentucky. Their song “Blind Man” takes good old southern rock and roll mentality and makes it harder and louder. This isn’t your Dad’s southern rock, that’s for sure.

If the smoking opening riff doesn’t hook you, the the melody of frontman Chris Robertson’s verses will. The amount of power and he puts behind each verse is a pleasure to hear, and the melody is an earworm waiting to happen. Every instrument explodes from the get go and there is not a weak piece of the puzzle here.

As he weaves through each line, Robertson’s voice gets more and more intense, until the final build up to the chorus. The chorus is just as powerful, just as melodic, and at this point you know this song is the whole rock package. Not to mention the final line is a powerful one:

“The darkest times ain’t always at night.”

I really like the overall message of the song, which despite the heavy, gritty sound, isn’t about anything violent or destructive. It’s actually about helping others and building a better society by banding together, on both a social and individual level. Bravo for breaking the lyrical norms of rock music, Black Stone Cherry!

There’s a really cool guitar and drum breakdown, with some very dexterous fretwork also courtesy of Robertson. At this point, the adrenaline kicks in after the solo and he lets it loose for the final verses and chorus, which feature soaring vocals to the point where the grit totally fills the melody, which is totally rock and roll to the core, man. Seriously though, wait til you hear his singing. Like I said, this ain’t your Dad’s southern rock.

“Blind Man” is the whole shebang. Melody takes precedence, which is what we all crave auditorily, but the lyrics really go a step beyond and give the song that extra oomph, that boost which takes it to a new level. That, combined with the superb sound and musicianship make this a must listen for any rock fan.

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