#69 – The Descent


Artist – Bob Mould
Album – Silver Age
Year – 2012
Genre – Alternative Rock

Bob Mould, formerly frontman of hugely influential alternative/punk group Husker Du (forgive the lack of umlauts), was referred to in a another review as one of the saddest musicians in rock. That may be true, but as my favorite musician Steven Wilson (see review #1) says, “The saddest songs are often the most beautiful.” That said, let’s take a look at “The Descent.”

One thing is apparent off the bat; sad lyrics or not, Bob Mould can really rip into a riff and blast it at full power. He plays like he’s 20 years younger for God’s sake, and that’s worth a gold star right there. I always can admire a musician who still is a master of his craft, even as he ages. So yeah, there’s some pretty kickass guitar throughout the song, in a DESCENDING riff no less. The other musicians have no trouble keeping up either, as the drums are powerful, and the bass matches the guitar in ferocity.

Even though he’s hard to understand at times, I can tell that Mould is singing for all he’s got. His voice is, however, very pleasant to listen to and the melody in both verse and chorus are catchy, so I guess the whole song is, really. The background harmony adds to the melody and enhances it, giving it those goosebump inducing extra layers.

This song is unique in my eyes, because it sounds like if R.E.M. got mixed up and started playing pop-punk songs (which would be awesome by the way.) It’s a genre defying song, which are always fun to listen to and interpret.

Speaking of interpreting, the lyrics in this song are sad when you read them. However, I still haven’t been able to really figure out what he’s singing about. Lost love perhaps? Or maybe an internal crisis, or a series of them? But that’s what makes these songs so good. Each person who hears this song can assign their own meaning to it and apply it to their life and soul.

That’s what I love about music.

You want rock? Here you go. You want lyricism on point? Here you go. You want a new song to listen to and put on your iPod? Here you go.

Thanks for reading everyone, and be sure to leave a comment and follow me!

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