#70 – Somebody’s Baby


Artist – Jackson Browne
Album – Fast Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack
Year – 1982
Genre – Classic Rock

Chances are, you’ve heard this song a ton of times on a classic rock radio station and never knew who sang it. That was the story with me, and thankfully my Dad is a huge Jackson Browne fan and provided me the information, to which I replied, “Really? Doesn’t he only do soft classic rock?” This song is definitely not that. In fact, this song is almost completely different from Browne’s other work. I admire Browne for his songwriting skills and passionate introspection in other songs, but I had to review this song first for his ability to craft a song with a hook that will literally be stuck in your head hours after listening. Seriously, crafting a catchy song takes ability.

Like I said, as soon as the song starts, you’ll probably recognize the opening riff. You’re also going to want to groove, so let me give you ample time for that. Ok, are you good? Between the jamming opening keyboards and the nice clean guitar riff, it’s hard not to bop along.

Browne himself is an excellent, emotive singer. He’s got that bit of worn grit on his voice, but still sounds like a younger man. Not only that, but he’s singing arguably one of the catchiest riffs of the early 80’s, so that helps. Try NOT singing, “She’s got to be somebody’s baby” after this song is over. I dare you. And that’s just the verse.

The chorus is poppy and powerful. It’s just as catchy as the verses, only it has more behind it. It’s got more layers, and more harmonies to really seal in the hooks. Browne doesn’t take it for granted that this is a more poppy song than what he’s used to, he just sings his heart, because I think he knows what an important song this is. The majority of men on the planet can relate to this song in some way, shape, or form and that’s what makes this song have such a lasting impact. The universality is one of the factors that makes a song stick around and still make it a great listen. The lyrics remind you to take a chance in love, because you never know, the person might be thinking about you.

The instruments are at the top of their game, and Browne keeps the groove on with his guitar and singing, especially at the falsetto parts I’m sure you’ll hear. If there’s one thing Jackson Browne prides himself on, it’s always having a good sense of instrumentation to fit the lyrics and mood of the song, and this is no exception.

You’re welcome for telling you FINALLY who sings this song. But all jokes aside, this is a great tune. I think we can all grab something from it. Maybe it’s the words, the music, or the groove, but either way this one is asking for a spot on your playlist. Please? With sugar on top?

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