#76 – Breath


Artist – Breaking Benjamin
Album – Phobia
Year – 2006
Genre – Post Grunge/Alternative Metal

As far as Nu-Metal groups go, Breaking Benjamin has always stood out because they just seem to go the extra mile when it comes to lyrics. Sure, they’re dark, angsty, and brooding, but you still feel like they have something to say when you listen. That, mixed with frontman Benjamin Burnley’s impressive gritty vocals and penchant for super catchy melodies make this band a winner in my eyes.

“Breath” is another song that relies on subtle shifting emotions in the music and vocals to draw you in. The verses are quiet and Burnley seems to whisper each line in agony. After all, this is a song about heartbreak, through and through. On the “is it over yet,” he rises upwards in pitch and finally finishes each verse with a full on yell.

The song rises with the prechorus as the guitar builds up the suspense for the big kick in, after all,the chorus is where the bread and butter is in this song.

The chorus in this song is melancholically powerful if that makes sense. Burnley is really letting his anger and pain out during this chorus, and you feel it as he grinds the grit into each note. The melody is very hooky and is a keeper for sure. This one really stood out to me among their catalog.

All instruments are very powerful, and the riffs are nice and crunchy, just as a Nu-Metal/Post Grunge song should have. The proof in the pudding is Burnley’s voice, which stands out among other vocalists in the genre. There’s a sad sincerity in his voice that makes each part of the song better than the last. This is why this song really works and will grab you.

“Breath” is a song that really captures the pain and essence of heartbreak in a crunchy, catchy, gritty shell and serves it to you with no pretense. This is a good one, everyone. Enjoy the ride.

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