#77 – Boston


Artist – Augustana
Album – All the Stars and Boulevards
Year – 2005
Genre – Soft Rock/Pop-Rock

Boy, does this song take me back. Actually it makes me feel a lot older because I can’t believe this song came out it 2005! It feels like yesterday! It does say something that “Boston” stuck in my memory. That’s a sign of a song that really defines you at that point in your life.

The piano riff for this song is instantly recognizable, which is another sign of a song that’s going to be remembered. It sets the melancholic, nostalgic mood immediately. Frontman Dan Layus’ voice is soft and gentle, and he hits each note with poise and a sense of delicacy.

The song is a bit peculiar because of it’s atypical chorus. It’s very short, but very catchy and memorable. The falsetto notes really add that extra oomph to the song, as well as the extra glue for it to get stuck in our heads.

The lyrics up to this point tell a story, but really remain somewhat cryptic until we get to the highlight of the song, which is the…well I’m not really sure what to call it. The breakdown or the bridge, perhaps. In any case, this is where the true meaning of the song comes out. It’s a song about change in life, and how sometimes change is really what we need to have a fresh start. There’s always a place and time to make room for new experiences in life, and it’s important that we realize that. Things will change, and sometimes they have to change.

The band is strong throughout, and it’s during this last bit that Layus really lays it on the line emotionally. His voice falters and wavers and rises, but each time it does you become more invested in what he has to say and the song itself. The melody is very simple, but melodic to the point where you’re going to want to belt it. This is one of those songs that really pulls out a sense of freedom and emotional release from whatever is going on in your life. This is one that was meant to be sung loud and proud. The vocals soar and the guitars and drums really blend perfectly, like waves crashing.

“Boston” is a powerful song and a catchy one at that. It takes me back to when I was growing up, and I think back now and realize how much I really have changed since I first heard it. It has that kind of power to really make you reflect on it’s message, but still have a fun time doing it. That’s what makes a great song.

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