#78 – This Is What It Feels Like


Artist – Armin Van Buuren (feat. Trevor Guthrie)
Album – Intense
Year – 2013
Genre – Trance/House

This song has been on repeat on my dance playlist, and I think it’s high time that I blogged about it! It’s got a beat that makes me dance around the house like a fool and a melody that I belt as loud as I can. Yep, I’d say another successful track from Armin Van Buuren.

The opening synth beat is a line that repeats through the song, and I really like the way it sounds. If that doesn’t seal the deal right there, Canadian singer Trevor Guthrie will. He literally has the perfect voice for a song like this, and I really can’t explain why. His voice just makes this song as good as it is. He sings so cleanly, and his voice echoes and reverberates in your ears, creating this big, expansive sound.

The verses really pop as Guthrie hits every note perfectly, and the buildup to the chorus is exciting and really gets you ready for the drop. Then the chorus comes in. Guthrie soars and sings his heart out. What’s that you hear? You’re singing along? That’s good, that means that the super catchy melody is working. But you’re not done yet!

There’s the drop! The synths glitter and the beat pulses, all underneath Guthrie’s “oooh”ing. It’s the perfect blend of melody and beat, and it certainly promotes both dancing and singing at a high level. Van Buuren can really craft a damn good dance song. If you thought the first two verses and choruses were good enough, then the last one will blow you away. There’s harmonies, and the the chorus itself is sung over the beat at its fullest, so this is your last chance to let it all out before the song is over!

And it’s over. Aw man. Oh well, you can always put it on repeat (like me)!

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