#81 – Lay Down

Priestess - HelloMaster - Front

Artist – Priestess
Album – Hello Master
Year – 2005
Genre – Hard Rock/Stoner Rock

Anyone getting those Guitar Hero memories back? This song certainly was a crowd pleaser, and when I say crowd I mean my legions of screaming fans as I shredded on my plastic guitar in my living room. Ok, maybe I really don’t have any fans, but this song still is a crowd pleaser to this day, and here’s why.

Priestess, fronted by former punk rocker Mikey Heppner, really brings the classic Sabbath style riffage in their new stoner rock sound with “Lay Down.” Even if you haven’t played Guitar Hero, the main riff in this song is crunchier than a bag of pita chips. The notes are just flying off the fretboard throughout this whole song, and even in the chorus, where there’s a lot of straight strumming, there are little licks and hammer-ons hidden that transition from chord to chord.

The other musicians certainly aren’t slouching either. The whole sound of this song is big, beefy, and in your face. The same goes for Heppner’s voice, which screams and wails like a banshee. Still, the melody in both chorus and verse really shine through and it’s that combination of melody and explosive voice that make the song rock.

One thing that’s really cool but also creepy are the lyrics. I never could really understand what he was saying while playing Guitar Hero, as I was too busy trying to not fail, but after looking them up, they seem quite unsettling. I’m not sure what they’re about, but it seems like he really wants to get rid of his partner in some way shape or form. I don’t know, I’ll let you be the judge of this one.

The solo is another really cool part of this song. It’s really simple, with two guitars playing the melody in harmony, but the effect will make you probably play air guitar. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you.

After a strong, blistering finish, only one thing can be said about this song: this is rock and roll. The guitar is the shining star of this track, with huge riffs and fancy fretwork that will stick in your brain. With a powerful sound and crazy vocals to match, this is a 5 gold star song. See what I did there?

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