#82 – Good Times, Bad Times


Artist – Led Zeppelin
Album – Led Zeppelin
Year – 1969
Genre – Classic Rock

Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please…IT’S THE FIRST LED ZEPPELIN SONG ON 1001 SONGS! WOO! I mean, I had to at least pick ONE song from one of the most influential bands in history, right? What a better song than the very first song off the very first album. What’s that thing they say about first impressions?

What can I say, this song is a classic. The opening “DUH DUH” riff lets you know you better strap yourself in for the ride ahead. After that, it’s pure takeoff. Each member of the band gets to show you their incredible talent.

For starters, there’s John Bonham on the drums. In case you hadn’t heard, this guy can play. Those quick little kick drum fills underneath the song are just incredible and sound so damn good. He knows exactly what to play and when to play it so the rhythm just works. This song lets you know that this drummer means business.

We have John Paul Jones over on the bass, and though it may be hard to hear, he matches the guitar in every single way. The quick little riffs in between lines of the verse are filled in nicely with that sweet bass. Also, pay attention to those nice little bass licks after each chorus. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Jimmy Page. The man is a legend, and probably one of the best guitar players to ever grace planet earth. One thing’s for sure, if there’s an awesome riff, this guy probably created it. Not only does he crank out some incredibly fluid bluesy licks and riffs for “Good Times, Bad Times,” but he plays the first of many incredible solos in Led Zeppelin’s career in this song. This solo is awesome, it’s smoky and passionate, and really get’s you pumped. You’re the man Jimmy.

I think Robert Plant may have one of the most recognizable voices in rock and roll. As soon as you hear that high pitched wail of a voice, you have entered the domain of Plant. He jumps all over the place in this song, from the super catchy, melodic opening to the bluesy chorus to the shrieking end, this song has it all vocal wise.

As for lyrics, the song’s title pretty much explains itself. This is life. We have good times, and bad times, but we make it through it all. It’s a love song, a breakup song, a happy song, and a sad song all in one. Talk about sending a message.

I had to pick one song to start you guys off with Led Zeppelin. I couldn’t think of better place to start than the beginning. Right from the start, this band had it all, and that’s why they’re remembered as one of the best. Happy listening!

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