#83 – Unbeautiful


Artist – Lesley Roy
Album – Unbeautiful
Year – 2008
Genre – Modern Rock/Alternative

Here’s one that I bet you all haven’t heard before! Lesley Roy is a Irish singer/songwriter who, as well as putting out a solo album has written songs for the likes of Adam Lambert. She’s got some killer pipes and a great sense of emotive singing and obviously songwriting. Let’s take a look.

Don’t be fooled by Roy’s young look on the album cover. When I first heard her voice, I immediately thought of Melissa Ethridge. It’s gruff, tough, and it actually is quite refreshing when you compare it to a lot of other female voices out there. It seems to add a lot of emotion in her singing, and it’s quite an asset. The song begins simply enough, with a simple strumming pattern and drumbeat, but the instruments are powerful and sound really good. However, this song grabs you hard during the chorus.

This is a killer chorus. Roy lets all her emotions out in one powerful burst, and her voice takes on a whole new quality. It sounds absolutely incredible, and she puts out such emotion. The melody is hooky and catchy and…ugh it’s so good. You can feel every bit of pain she’s throwing out to the world and immediately you’re hooked by the whole thing. This is literally the definition of a breakup song that you belt out in your room or in your car.

She just seems to get better and better with each and every chorus, and you know that the lyrics are honest and coming from her heart. The notion of someone becoming “Unbeautiful” is very moving and really lets you know how people feel when a relationship ends. She does a great job at capturing the confusion and doubt that surrounds these times in our lives, and that’s a hard thing to do honestly.

The last choruses are breathtaking. Her voice dips and turns and each nuance gives me shivers, especially the voice crack at the last note of the second last chorus. You’ll know it when you hear it. I don’t think she could have ended the song any better than by closing with the best part of the song not once, but twice. If you don’t put this song on repeat after that, then I can’t help you.

It’s always nice to discover something new, and when I first found this song, I was blown away. I hope you all are too, and be sure to tell your friends about good old Lesley Roy!

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