#84 – It’s Raining Again


Artist – Supertramp
Album – …Famous Last Words
Year – 1982
Genre – Classic Rock/Art Rock

Before I start, I just want to say that you all should click that video up above. It’s actually a really touching and emotional music video that really fits the mood of the song. Also, can I just say it’s sunny and in the 70’s right now and this is a really ironic song choice for today. “It’s Raining Again” is a hit by 70’s-80’s art rock group Supertramp, but a lesser known and under appreciated one at that, but it definitely deserves to be at the top of their great songs.

These guys have got it together instrumentally, and they all are very talented at what they do. That said, the song is melodically about as simple as you get. The same 4 chords repeat throughout the majority of the song, and so does the melody. The kicker is that the melody is so damn catchy and hooky that it doesn’t get old, in fact it actually gets better. The layered harmonies throughout the song will make you melt at how good they sound, so keep an ear open for those.

The bright piano and lovely synth create a spectacular atmosphere and Roger Hodgson’s high voice just works in this song. It’s a melody that you’re going to sing over and over and over and over. There’s some awesome saxophone work in this song right from the start and it really emphasizes the upbeat mood of the song, which is interesting considering the lyrics.

Lyrically the song is simple, but certainly a very relatable song. It deals with the sense that after heartbreak nothing will get better, but assures that it really will, after all:

“It’s only time that heals the pain
and makes the sun come out again”

The song succeeds in the sense that it uses a repetitive melody to its benefit and doesn’t stagnate. It adds just enough variation to keep you fully engaged and hooked into the melody and words. Hodgson’s voice rises and falls during the prechorus and the chorus goes from high energy to a soft finish, and then it’s right back into the melody.

The song’s ending is another highlight, as you really get to hear that saxophone go wild and also hear some kids singing “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring;” a nice little connection between the two songs. By the time is over, you’re going to hear that melody in your head all day. Don’t worry, there’s no shame in playing it again, even on a sunny day.

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