#85 – I Am Not A Robot


Artist – Marina and the Diamonds
Album – The Family Jewels
Year – 2010
Genre – Indie Pop

Marina and the Diamonds (aka Marina Diamandis) is an artist that has completely captivated me as of late. Her vocal talent is completely on par with or even better than any female pop star out there today. Her wit and lyrical talent matches her voice, and she is honestly one of the most refreshing acts and sounds I’ve heard in a long, long time.

The first thing that should be addressed in this song is the lyrics and what they mean, or at least what I think they mean. The song touches on the fact that we are all human beings, and as such we shouldn’t make every attempt to hide or cover up how we actually feel and how we actually are. Society has specific expectations about how people should act and sets certain standards in media, but we have to realize we are not robots. We have emotions and it’s OK to express them! After all:

Better to be hated than loved, loved, loved for what you’re not

You’re vulnerable, you’re vulnerable
You are not a robot

This is a great message, and a rather unique one for a pop song of sorts.

Now to the musicianship, starting with her voice. Marina’s voice is stunning. She floats up high with absolute ease and sings low like it’s completely natural. The vocal melody during the chorus is catchy and just plain awesome to listen to, and on every chorus she gets more and more powerful in her singing. Even during the verses she jumps all over the register and it sounds unlike anything I’ve heard, in a good way of course. The real treat comes after the bridge, when she pours all her conviction into the chorus, as well as does some really cool vocal tricks and runs.

The instruments fit the quirky nature of the song, with cool overlaps of piano, xylophone, and strings. The drums are electric, but that fits the poppy nature of the song perfectly. But again, I cannot stress the ending of this song enough. The vocals are just incredible, and the instruments just add to her voice so much. The combined effect is truly something to be heard.

Picking my first Marina and the Diamonds song was hard, but I can tell you this: watch the charts ladies and gentlemen. Come her next album, I can guarantee you she will be on them. Also, always remember…


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