#86 – Story of My Life


Artist – One Direction
Album – Midnight Memories
Year – 2013
Genre – Pop

I will say this now. I like some One Direction songs. I think some of their songs have really good qualities. I think this is a good song. I think it has great musical quality. And that’s OK. Anyone offended? No? Good, let’s move on then.

First off, as is noted by many music critics, most of the songs on this album are actually quite a departure from older One Direction material. This song is not an exception. It starts with a really quick paced and nice acoustic guitar riff. Musically, the song is at its most interesting when it’s at its most powerful, so we’ll get back to that.

Let’s face it, we came here for the voices. And the boys don’t disappoint in this one. The verses and prechorus are a great buildup to what’s coming. You expect a big, insanely catchy, in your face chorus, and you get one. Their voices, though they may or not be modified, sound great. Your brain naturally wants to hear certain chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies. I’m strong believer in not fighting that, no matter what genre the music is. This chorus literally pleases every part of my brain. The melody is well crafted, and it sticks in your brain for hours. Trust me, and almost every teenage girl out there, it does.

The harmonies are wonderful, as per usual with this group. But back to those instruments. The powerful synths and effects behind the group, as well as the pulsing drum really works to great effect. It had me pounding right along, which is a good sign. The chorus really is the highlight of the song in all aspects, and that’s quite evident by all the elements coming together to form a potent and incredibly hooky combination.

But there is something that surprised me about this particular song. The lyrics may not be top ten lyrical triumphs of all time, but they do hit the romantic core in me, and I suppose most everyone who likes the song. The imagery is what really works, as when they sing:

I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time is frozen
The story of my life
I give her hope
I spend her love
Until she’s broke

I can picture exactly what they are singing about. Driving someone to keep them warm is a true sign that you really care, and I think many can relate to the feelings of love, caring, and loss expressed in the song. That’s partly why it sticks with us and is so memorable. Those moments of true compassion and love seem to last forever in our minds because we cared so much about those we loved. It’s quite a palpable thing, and you can really feel it and picture it when you hear the lyrics.

There is absolutely no shame in listening to this kind of music. Like I said, I am a firm believer in looking past the bullshit of what seems “cool” to listen to, and just accepting what your brain wants to hear. Sometimes that takes a little bit of picking apart to figure out, and I know not everyone likes the same things and that’s ok, but what is NOT ok is to be afraid of liking something or not listening to something because you worry about what others think of it. It’s ok to like whatever you want to like, and I hope that you like this song, because I sure do!


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2 thoughts on “#86 – Story of My Life

  1. This is interesting. Do you think this decent music like this out of One Direction might signal a maturation and move away from more “boy band” type music? I’ve always thought that anyone with musical talent has the potential to make good music, even if I don’t like what they’re currently putting out.

    After all, the Beatles began as a boy band, essentially. Songs like “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and “She Loves You” are very simplistic, focused on attractive women, and not my cup of tea (similar to One Direction’s music). It wasn’t until later works like the White Album and Sgt Pepper that the Beatles started to experiment and produce what I would call better music. What are your thoughts? Is there hope for the hopeless (a line from “Heaven” by Brett Dennen; you might like it)?

    • Travis,

      I went through a period where I stayed away from pop music all together. I kept telling myself that is was so superficial and shallow that it wasn’t worth my time, even if I did like the melodies. However, I’m at a point now where I look for the great qualities in a song, even if at first listen it may appear to be just as superficial as it sounds. I know my brain wants to hear certain melodies, so why should I fight that? I enjoy them. So I agree that One Direction has the talent to put out more experimental and thought provoking music like the Beatles did, but as for myself, I have no problem with the music they currently are known for. I’ve learned to find the beauty in most music out there…except for country 🙂 Don’t get me started there. But I will never put down or criticize another person’s taste. To each their own never rings more true than with music, so I can totally respect your taste. But thanks for the comment and the great ideas! I will check out that song by the way! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me some feedback, and tell your friends to check me out sometime

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