#88 – There She Goes


Artist – The La’s
Album – The La’s
Year – 1988
Genre – Alternative

Theeeeeeerrrrrrrre Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Gooooooesss! Oops, did you just catch me singing? Well it’s no surprise, considering how infectious this song is! A lot of you out there have probably heard this song covered by Sixpence None the Richer, but as you can see it’s from a lot earlier. That said, it still hasn’t lost its luster after all this time, and it’s still just as catchy and awesome as ever.

The jangly guitar intro is a perfect intro to the style of the song, which is basically like a British R.E.M. track. Frontman Lee Mavers voice immediately starts the melody that doesn’t only repeat throughout the whole song, but throughout your whole day, week, hell maybe month. You will hear this melody when you sleep and when you wake up, and every point in between.

It’s the way that Mavers floats the falsetto that gets you. It just makes you tingle with how good those high notes are. By the time the chorus is over, you want it again, and guess what? You get it! It’s like a never ending Christmas! Well, more like a 2 and a half minute Christmas, but you can always put it on repeat.

The lyrics are really quite charming for this song, but there’s been some contention that “she” is a metaphor for heroin, and when she “pulses through my veins”… yeah you get the picture. Let’s set the record straight. This is a song about a girl who you really like that you see everywhere that gives you butterflies. That’s it people. Not that that’s insignificant, and I know people can interpret songs how they wish, but let’s not turn a simple love song into a song about destructive habits. It’s a very relatable and very pretty song if you look at it from a loving point of view, which is mainly why I really enjoy the lyrics in this track.

You’re really going to want to listen to this song for the melody. It’s the best part, but it is a damn good melody. Just like my theater design professor said, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. Well, this band certainly isn’t stupid, but they know how to keep it simple and keep you coming back for more. That’s good enough for me.

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