#91 – Lethean Tears


Artist – Solution .45
Album – For Aeons Past
Year – 2010
Genre – Melodic Death Metal

If you’re a person who immediately turns the other way when you see the words “death metal” because you don’t like screaming in music…you’re in luck! This song is perfect for you! There’s not a lick of screaming in this song (which doesn’t bother me one way or the other) and instead, this song is a showcase for all other forms of musical talent. Hopefully you all out there will take a leap of faith for me on this one, because it’s totally worth the ride.

No matter what kind of music you enjoy, if you strip back the layers of this song, you have to admire the musical talent of this group. The reason I’m hoping this song will appeal to maybe some of those who don’t ordinarily like metal is vocalist Christian Alvestam. Swedish singers in metal bands are just so good, at least the ones I’ve heard, and Alvestam stands above them all.

Throughout this entire song, he is just phenomenal. He’s simply amazing, and the melodies he crafts and weaves throughout the song are so pleasing to the ear, and certainly just as much as any pop song. No matter the genre, talented vocals appeal to just about every listener of music. From verse to chorus to bridge, I literally cannot find a part of this song vocally that is not appealing to me and that doesn’t sound absolutely fantastic. Alvestam’s voice cuts through the whole song and his voice just accentuates every melody and makes the song soar.

Musically, the band is right on his heels. There has to be a huge degree of technical skill to play metal, but in a slower song like this, that’s not always going on. Don’t get me wrong, this song has absolutely wicked solos, and the ending is something spectacular from all parties involved, but the real power of this song comes in its dynamics and sense of atmosphere. The slow, doom like pace and mood at the beginning is actually very nice to hear as opposed to flying guitars and punishing drums.

However, the quiet parts are only as good as their opposites, and during the chorus the band shows it’s other dynamic side. The guitars crash and drums smash, but the melody is not lost, and if anything it gets even better. This is a song where you can appreciate the soft with the hard, and the loud with the quiet. Everything meshes exactly as it should.

The lyrics are a bit of a mystery to me, though. They’re very romantic in a fantasy type way (certainly not atypical for metal) but I feel with more listens I can really bring something out of them. Until then, let me know if they resonate with you and why.

Life is sometimes about taking a risk. If some of you out there are only accustomed to pop and modern rock, but appreciate a great song with loads of talent, I urge you to take a risk on this song. Sure it has metal elements, but if you look past it, you will hear the amazing singing, and talented playing that make this song so catchy and so good. You don’t have to like metal all together, but a good song? That’s something to appreciate.

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