#93 – I Am Your Skin


Artist – The Bravery
Album – Stir the Blood
Year – 2009
Genre – Post Punk/Alternative

It’s always sad to hear that a band you really admire is going away. Yesterday, lead singer of The Bravery Sam Endicott wrote a letter to fans explaining the band had no plans to get back together after an already long absence, and that the members had all moved on to other creative projects, including himself. Although I’m sad the band is effectively gone, they’ve left a legacy on music, and this song is one of their best. I wish them the best of luck in the future. With that said, lets take a look back.

The instrumentation of this song immediately sets the tone. The pulsing synths and Endicott’s low, droning vocals let you that this song is going to be dark. And it really is, but in a sort of sensual, romantic way. The atmosphere isn’t so much doom and gloom as it is broodingly upbeat. The dance drum beat keeps the song going and the guitar during the chorus gives the song a bit of extra rock flavor.

The band is made of some very talented musicians but the synth is what really stands out in this particular song. The background synth is the backdrop for the entire song, and the glistening synth solo after the second chorus is really pleasing and is a wonderful addition to the song. It’s a bit of a light within the darkness.

Endicott also contributes a lot to what this song is at its core. His voice is low and crooning during the verse and high and passionate during the chorus. The melody of the song perfectly utilizes both of these aspects, and though his voice sounds strained at times, this is an excellent quality for the song. The lyrics of the song are darkly romantic and deal with intimacy and connection on both an emotional and physical level. The way Endicott sings just reflects the nature of the lyrics. In the verses, his low melodies are catchy and reflect the subtle sensuality of the words, and in the height of the chorus it sounds as if he’s in the throes of passion.

The Bravery had a talent for crafting songs that utilized different aspects of musicality to encompass a theme or human feeling within them. “I Am Your Skin” is a great song not just because of its parts, but because of the way it encapsulates feelings of sexuality and connection, albeit in a slightly foreboding and dark way. They may never put out another album, but at least the music they left behind is damn good, and that’s what counts.

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