#94 – Did Love


Artist – Frankmusik
Album – Between
Year – 2013
Genre – Synthpop/Dance Pop

Sorry everyone, I couldn’t find a video for this song, and I can’t upload an mp3 without paying for a WordPress upgrade. 😦 You can find this song on Spotify and Itunes though, and I highly suggest that you give it a listen, even if it’s a snippet.

I can’t sing Frankmusik’s praises enough. He’s the best singer you’ve never heard of, and his whole Between album blew me out of the water. Every song is infectious as the flu. The sense of honesty and passionate emotion that Frankmusik (AKA Vincent Turner) infuses within his dance beats is amazing to hear, and his songwriting is both relatable and very, very singable. “Did Love” is the highlight of this album for sure, and I’ll try to contain myself to explain why.

As I stated, Mr. Turner is a good singer. He’s a very good singer indeed. His voice is almost operatic and he has true talent. That should be clear in about, oh, I should say the first 10 seconds. The next thing that’ll hook you is a beat that swings and a rhythm that makes you want to bounce in your seat. The song has a lot quirky effects that keep it fresh and interesting, and also a bit humorous.

This is also the first point where you’ll really want to pay attention to Turner’s lyrics. Lines like:

“The hardest part is
My bed’s so empty it could be its own republic
But you already took my flag”


“In letting go I’m only losing understanding
There was no net to break my fall”

are both full of wit and emotion, but sung in a way that doesn’t seem the least bit melancholic. Powerful and perhaps bitter, but not truly sad.

Then the chorus hits, and it hits like a friggin’ wrecking ball. It’s loud, it’s bombastic, and it’s going to be in your head for a while now that you’ve heard it. Turner sings so effortlessly that it’ll give you shivers, and as he flies up and down the register you’ll get goosebumps at how good he is and how infectious the melody is. The harmony and power in this chorus is so good, if I keep talking about it I’m probably going to lose it! This is a must hear part of the song for sure.

The production and music is what takes this song to the next level of insanity. The jittery piano give the song a really cool Queen like background vibe while the synths and beats are frenetic and make you want to just bust a move out on the dance floor. It’s a bit of the fusion of the old, the swing beat and the piano, and the new elements like the little electronic accents and melodic touches that make the song a winner and one of the strongest of the album.

Absolutely amazing vocals and melody, wonderful production and music, and lyrics that manage to be emotionally open and honest, while keeping humor and wit create “Did Love.” This track will have you singing and dancing your ass off, and more importantly it will hopefully leave you craving more of the unsung musical hero who is Frankmusik. Being a huge Star Wars nerd, I have to quote old Ben Kenobi and say that I hope this song will be “your first step into a larger world.” And that world is one of glittery, poppy, super talented singing, dancey awesomeness.

Thanks for reading, and if you liked this song and review, I’d love it if you could shoot me a like or leave a comment. Sharing and following are also highly encouraged! It’s music, people! It’s meant to be shared 🙂

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